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Download at Boykma.Com generate, create code 128 none on .net projects datamatrix 10 . System Recordings As we have USS Code 128 for .NET seen in numerous sections within the system, you often have to prerecord system messages for the other modules to use. All of the system recordings are managed from this module.

System recordings can be added in two different ways; you can either prerecord your messages and then upload them to the system, or you can record them directly into the system using any phone that is registered as an extension.. Prerecorded sound files must be PCM-Encoded, 16 bits, at 8000Hz. [ 209 ]. Download at Boykma.Com PBX settings in detail If you sim ply wish to upload a file, you can do so from the main screen as shown below, or enter the extension number that you will use to record the message from.. If you cho code 128 barcode for .NET se to record from an extension, then the system will take you to the next screen and tell you to dial *77 to begin recording. You can begin recording when you hear the short tone and then simply hang up when finished.

To listen to your recording you can dial *99. If you are happy with the recording then you can give the recording a name and it will then be available from the pull-down menus throughout the system..

Voicemail blasting A handy fe Code 128 for .NET ature for managers is the ability to send the same voicemail message to a group of people; this is accomplished by setting up voicemail blast groups. The available option when creating voicemail blast groups are: VMBlast Number: This is the number you will dial to send the message to the group.

Group Description: This is a text description for this particular voicemail blast group. Audio Label: This message is played to the caller to assure that he/she dialed the correct blast group number. This can be set to read the number of the group back, a beep only with no confirmation, or to any available system recording.

Optional Password: If you want to restrict usage of the voicemail blast groups, then you can set a password to prevent unauthorized people from using the groups. Voicemail Box List: From this list, you need to select the mailboxes that will be a part of this particular voicemail blast group..

[ 210 ]. Download at Boykma.Com 10 . Default VM barcode 128 for .NET Blast Group (yes/no): Each system is allowed a single voicemail blast group. If this is selected, then extensions can be automatically added to this group when creating the extension.

If you make one group the default, it will remove the default setting from any previous group that you had set as the default.. Summary. In this ch USS Code 128 for .NET apter, you have learned about each feature that is in the PBX Settings module and how to configure them. Along the way, we have looked at common settings and some best practices for setting up some of the modules and why we may want to use certain features over others depending upon our needs and requirements.

This should give you a solid footing for getting your system configured and tailored for your particular needs.. [ 211 ]. Download at Boykma.Com Download at Boykma.Com Maintenance and reporting Once a sys tem is up and running, the only thing you usually have to do from then on is the basic maintenance of the system for system updates. The other regular task may be for call detail record reporting. This chapter will show you the primary tasks for both of these typical functions.

. System updates Once in a while, some system update for the operating system or Asterisk may come out, or upgraded features or bug fixes will become available. The primary system administrator should watch for those updates, especially if your system is exposed to the Internet via any VoIP trunks. The trixbox CE system has a built-in system for managing updates and new packages; this system is called the Package Manager and is available from the trixbox CE dashboard when you are in Admin mode.

To access the Package Manager, click on the Packages link in the menu bar.. The Packag VS .NET USS Code 128 e Manager will then contact the trixbox package repositories to find out which new packages are available for installation or upgrading. This is the easiest means of keeping your system up to date.

More advanced Linux administrators can use yum, and the Package Manager is simply a web interface to a set of yum repositories..
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