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2. using visual .net todraw barcode data matrix on web,windows application GS1 Glossary The page it Visual Studio .NET gs1 datamatrix barcode self does a good job of explaining the purpose of each variable. However, the directions do not tell you the implications of the choices you make on this page.

Below I"ve added some commentary to help you determine how your choices will affect the operation of your site, and information to help you decide upon the right choices for your needs.. lang and langmenu The default VS .NET Data Matrix ECC200 language is specified by the variable lang. This is the language users will see when they first encounter your site.

The variable langmenu determines whether users will see a language menu on your Front Page:. Installing and Configuring Moodle Notice that VS .NET data matrix barcodes the site title, in this case Wilderness Skills, does not get translated. Neither does the content that you create.

Only menus and field names are translated. In this example, Main menu, Site news, and Subscribe to this forum would be translated. If you want to offer course content in multiple languages, you have several choices.

First, you could put all of the different languages into each course. That is, each document would appear in a course in several languages. For example, if you offered a botany course in English and Spanish, you might have a document defining the different types of plants in both English and Spanish, side by side in the same course: Types of Plants or Tipos de Plantaras.

While taking the course, students would select the documents in their language. Course names would appear in only one language. Second, you could create separate courses for each language, and offer them on the same site.

Course names would appear in each language. In this case, students would select the course in English or Spanish: Basic Botany or Bot nica B sica. Third, you could create a separate Moodle site for each language.

For example, and http://moodle. spanish. At the home page of your site, students would select their language and be directed to the correct Moodle installation.

In this case, the entire Moodle site would appear in the students" language: the site name, menus, course names, and course content. These are things you should consider before installing Moodle. However, if you decide to change your approach, you can always come back to the Variables page and change these settings.

Fourth, and most elegantly, you could use the Multi-Language Content filter described in Configuration Choices after Installation later in this chapter to display course content in the language selected by your user.. langlist As the dire .net framework DataMatrix ctions on the Variables page state, leaving this blank will enable your students to pick from all available languages. Entering the names of languages in this field limits the list to only those entered.

The directions tell you to enter "language codes". Moodle looks in the /lang directory for subdirectories that hold each language"s files. For example, the /lang/en_us subdirectory holds files for the U.

S. English translation, and /lang/es_es holds the files for traditional Spanish (Espa ol / Espa a). The name of the subdirectory is the "language code.

" For example, if you want students to be able to choose between U.S. English and traditional Spanish, enter en_us, es_es into this field.

For example, the /lang/en/forum.php file holds text used on the forum pages. This includes text that is displayed to the course creator when creating the forum, and text that is displayed to the students when they use the forum.

Here are the first few lines from that file:. $string["addanewdiscussion" ] = "Add a new discussion topic"; $string["addanewtopic"] = "Add a new topic"; $string["advancedsearch"] = "Advanced search";. 2 . And here are the same first three lines from /lang/es_es/forum.php: $string["addanewdiscussion"] = "Colocar un nuevo tema de discusi n aqu "; $string["addanewtopic"] = "Agregar un nuevo tema"; $string["advancedsearch"] = "B squeda avanzada";. The biggest task in localiz VS .NET 2d Data Matrix barcode ing Moodle consists of translating these language files into the appropriate language. Some translations are surprisingly complete.

For example, most of the interface has been translated to Irish Gaelic, even though this language is used daily by only about 350,000 people; the Romanian interface remains mostly untranslated, while Romania has a population of over 23 million. This means that if a Moodle user chooses the Romanian language (ro), most of the interface will still default to English. One of the greatest features of Moodle is that you can edit these language files directly in Moodle.

To do this, select Administration . Configuration Language. For more information about translating Moodle, see
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