set device PPPoE:fxp0:yourtag in Software Creator UPC Code in Software set device PPPoE:fxp0:yourtag

9. use software upc symbol generating todevelop upc-a in software 2/5 Industrial The above code is a generic UPC Symbol for None configuration for a PPPoE client connection. You just need to set up the correct network interface name that is connected to your modem (in this case, fxp0), and the login information. Some providers require a service name tag to be transmitted, in addition to your login information.

In this case, if the service tag is yourtag, you should modify the set device line to look like following code:. set device PPPoE:fxp0:yourtag Setting up PPPoE Server Now that you are on the side of the service provider, you may want to set up a basic PPPoE BRAS for your broadband customers. The logic behind setting up a PPPoE server is pretty much the same for the PPP server over the serial line, unless there is no serial line involved in this process, and Ethernet media is used instead. Since the incoming PPPoE requests come over Ethernet media, a special daemon called pppoed(8) handles these requests.

The pppoed(8) daemon listens for the PPPoE discovery requests and launches ppp(8) to handle the PPP protocol upon receiving an incoming request. In order to run a PPPoE server, you should customize your kernel and add necessary NETGRAPH modules to the kernel. At least the following three lines should be added to your kernel configuration:.

options NETGRAPH options NETGRAPH_PPPOE options NETGRAPH_SOCKET Once you have successfully b uilt your kernel and rebooted your host with the new kernel, you can set up pppoed(8) to accept the connection. To enable pppoed, the following line should be added to the /etc/rc.conf file:.

pppoed_enable="YES" pppoed_i Software UPC-A Supplement 5 nterface="bge0" pppoed_provider="*" pppoed_flags="-P /var/run/ -a "server1" -l "pppoe-in" ". This configuration will enab le pppoed to automatically start upon system boot up. It will listen on bge0 Ethernet interface for the incoming PPPoE requests. As the pppoe_provider variable is set to "*", pppoed does not care about the provider name that is sent in the PPPoE request.

. [ 153 ]. Network Configuration PPP There may be certain cases w Software UPC Code hen you are running multiple PPPoE servers, each for a specific group of clients, and each group is distinguished using a provider name tag. This can be set in the PPPoE client settings. Your PPPoE server then picks only the incoming requests whose provider name tag matches with the one you specified in your configuration.

And finally the last line in your configuration specifies some parameters such as the PID file location (using -P parameter), and the name of the PPPoE server that is returned to the clients (in this case server1 using the -a parameter), and finally the relevant tag name in the ppp.conf configuration file is specified using the -l parameter (in this example, pppoe-in tag is used). You can change this information to reflect your setup.

Final step is to modify the ppp.conf configuration file and then create a ppp.secret file as the user database.

In our example, we specified the pppoe-in tag in the PPP configuration file to be used (hence the -l parameter). So your ppp.conf file looks like this:.

pppoe-in: enable pap enable chap allow mode direct enable proxy disable ipv6cp set mru 1492 set mtu 1492 set ifaddr 10.0.0.

1 10.0.0.


199 set speed sync set timeout 0 enable lqr accept dns allow users *. There are some magical param Software UPC-A Supplement 2 eters in this configuration file, which if missed will lead to major issues with your PPPoE server deployment. Two of the most important parameters to be configured correctly would be MTU and Maximum Receive Unit (MRU). The default frame size (and therefore the MTU and MRU) of a typical Ethernet frame is 1500 bytes.

PPPoE introduces 8 bytes of protocol overhead in addition to Ethernet frames. This is where you should reduce the MTU and MRU size in order to compensate the overhead. The specified MTU and MRU size is in fact 1500 8 =1492.

. [ 154 ].
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