The Present in .NET Integrating PDF-417 2d barcode in .NET The Present

The Present using .net framework toembed pdf417 for web,windows application GS1 General Specifications An interesting thi visual .net pdf417 ng about JavaScript is that it always runs inside a host environment. The browser is the most popular host environment, but it is not the only one.

JavaScript can run on the server, on the desktop, and in rich media. Today, you can use JavaScript to do all of this: Create rich and powerful web applications (the kind of applications that run inside the web browser, such as Gmail) Write server-side code such as ASP scripts or, for example, code that is run using Rhino (a JavaScript engine written in Java) Create rich media applications (Flash, Flex) using ActionScript, which is based on ECMAScript. [ 11 ]. Introduction Write scripts that automate administrative tasks on your Windows desktop, using Windows Scripting Host Write extensions/plugins for a plethora of desktop application such as Firefox, Dreamweaver, and Fiddler Create web applications that store information in an off-line database on the user"s desktop, using Google Gears Create Yahoo! Widgets, Mac Dashboard widgets, or Adobe Air applications that run on your desktop. This is by no mean visual .net PDF417 s an extensive list. JavaScript started inside web pages, but today it"s safe to say it is practically everywhere.

. The Future We can only specul .net framework PDF417 ate what the future will be, but it"s quite certain that it will include JavaScript. For quite some time JavaScript may have been underestimated and underused (or rather overused in the wrong ways), but every day we witness new uses of JavaScript in much more interesting and creative ways.

Where they once wrote simple one-liners, often embedded in-line in HTML tag attributes (such as onclick), developers nowadays ship sophisticated, well-designed and architected, extensible applications, and libraries. JavaScript is indeed taken seriously and developers are starting to rediscover and enjoy its unique object-oriented features more and more. Once listed in the "nice to have" sections of job postings, these days the knowledge of JavaScript is a yes/no factor when it comes to hiring web developers.

Common job interview questions you can hear today include: "Is JavaScript an object-oriented language Good. Now how do you implement inheritance in JavaScript " After reading this book, you"ll be prepared to ace your JavaScript job interview and even impress your interviewers with some bits that maybe they didn"t know..

Object-Oriented Programming Before diving into visual .net PDF-417 2d barcode JavaScript let"s take a moment to review what people mean when they say "object-oriented", and what the main features of this programming style are. Here"s a list of concepts that are most often used when talking about object-oriented programming (OOP): Object, method, property Class Encapsulation.

[ 12 ]. 1 . Aggregation Reusability/inheritance Polymorphism Let"s take a closer look into each one of these concepts. Objects As the name object pdf417 for .NET -oriented suggests, objects are quite important. An object is a representation of a "thing" (someone or something), and this representation is expressed with the help of a programming language.

The thing can be anything a real-life object, or some more convoluted concept. Taking a common object like a cat for example, you can see that it has certain characteristics (color, name, weight) and can perform some actions (meow, sleep, hide, escape). The characteristics of the object are called properties in OOP and the actions are called methods.

There is also an analogy with the spoken language: Objects are most often named using nouns (book, person) Methods are verbs (read, run) Values of the properties are adjectives. Let"s take, for ex ample, the sentence "The black cat sleeps on my head". "The cat" (a noun) is the object ,"black" (adjective) is the value of the color property, and "sleep" (a verb) is an action, or a method in OOP. For the sake of the analogy, we can go a step further and say that "on my head" specifies something about the action "sleep", so it"s acting as a parameter passed to the sleep method.

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