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Download at WoweBook.Com use none none encoder tointegrate none with noneprinting data matrix 4 . Bookland EAN Many of the Template Tex ts are unimaginative. Some don"t even make sense (such as "Click the <ObjectName> sound"). There is also little point in having separate Object Types that give exactly the same result (as all of the Pager ones do, and all of the Scrollbar Button ones do).

However, bear in mind that UPK is doing its best to capture the context of what you do (that is, the actions that you perform during the recording), and uses the captured Action, Object Type, and Object Name to provide the most meaningful Template Text that it can. No, it"s not always right, but it is acceptable more often than not. Additionally, providing multiple Object Types (even if it does not manage to correctly identify all of these all of the time) does allow for a certain amount of flexibility.

Firstly, you can change the Bubble Text simply by selecting a different Object Type in the Action Properties pane. Secondly, you can change the Bubble Text for a specific Object Type by customizing the templates themselves. (Customizing templates is covered in 12, Configuring UPK.

) Now that we understand the context a little better, let"s look at how we can use this new-found knowledge to fix our example. You will recall that the Bubble Text generated from the Template was "Double-click the Menu button.".

Our fixes involve doing the following: 1. The "Double-click" text can be replaced by "Click" simply by changing the Action (in the first field of the Action Properties pane) to Left Click. 2.

The "Menu" text can be replaced simply by over-typing the Object name field with the correct menu name, which in our example is "System". 3. The "button" designation can be changed by selecting a new object type in the Object type field.

Based on the table in Appendix B, Object Types, we will choose an Object Type of "Menu entry". After making these changes, our Action Properties pane and the resultant Bubble Text are as shown in the following diagram:. [ 93 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Editing a Topic So there we have it. The Bubble Text now says just what we wanted it to and we didn"t even touch the Bubble Properties pane (which we"ll look at, next). In some circumstances, you may not to want to use UPK"s context capture at all.

To do this, click on the Ignore context button ( ). This has two effects: 1. Template Text will not be used, because UPK has no context information on which to base it.

However, there are other ways of removing the template text from a Bubble, as we will see in the section Working with string input actions, below. 2. If you are using context-sensitive help links from your application, then the current Frame (for which you disabled the context) will not be considered as a target for help.

For example, normally, if the Frame is describing an action on the Change Purchase Order screen, then if the user selects your help option from this screen, then they will be taken directly to the first Frame of the recording that includes a screenshot of the Change Purchase Order screen. If you choose to ignore the context for a Frame then this will not happen. More information on application help links can be found in 6, Publishing Content.

For the sake of completeness, there is one final button in the Action Properties pane that we have not yet looked at. This is the Change end point button ( ). This is not strictly related to Action Areas, so we will not cover it here.

Instead, we will describe it in 8, Allowing Alternatives..
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