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Download at WoweBook.Com using j2ee toencode pdf417 in web,windows application QR Code 4 . There are thr ee specific problems with this: The Action Area is a different size (narrower and deeper) than the actual input field on the screen. The background color of the Action Area is different to the color of the input field. The text in the Action Area is using a different font than the application itself.

. I have accent PDF 417 for Java uated these problems for the sake of illustration. UPK isn"t usually as "wrong" as this!. Let"s look at how to correct each of these problems. [ 103 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Editing a Topic Adjusting the string input action area Incorrectly s j2se PDF 417 ized Action Areas are actually one of the most common problems with UPK recordings. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common problems that go uncorrected. This is because adjusting Action Areas is a bit fiddly and, for string input Action Areas, a bit trial-and-error.

There are a couple of things that make it so fiddly. Firstly, as described previously, UPK does not provide a way to precisely size and position an Action Area. And sizing and positioning a string input Action Area correctly requires pixel-perfect positioning.

A further problem is that the position set for the Action Area in the Player does not always translate directly into the Player. For some reason, string input Action Areas are shifted slightly. Normally only by a single pixel, and normally down and to the right, but one pixel is enough to destroy the "illusion of reality", which is what you are trying to preserve.

It doesn"t help that UPK automatically aligns the text at the top of the Action Area, with zero space before it, so you also need to adjust the horizontal position of the Action Area, so that the text appears in the correct position. You therefore need to identify the position of the Action Area, relative to the field, that will result in the "best fit" for the input field. This does, unfortunately, seem to be a matter of trial and error (which is why many developers never bother), but the good news is that once you work it out for one field, the relative positioning is the same for all string input Action Areas.

For example, I find that leaving a space around the Action Area of zero pixels at the top, one pixel on the left and right, and two pixels at the bottom, results in a good fit in the Player. This is shown in the following screenshot, which has been scaled up to emphasize the spacing:. Yes, it is fi ddly, but it does create a good fit in the Player (as you can see in the "final version" screenshot at the end of this section). Besides, this book is all about creating quality training, right . [ 104 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com 4 . How to adjust the size and position of the Action Area is explained earlier, in the section Working with mouse Actions. Refer to that section, and adjust the Action Area for our string input Action as described above. Note that in order to make the exercise as realistic as possible, we also need to make sure that the background color of the Action Area is exactly the same color as the actual input field in the application.

This is what we will look at adjusting next.. Adjusting the background color As explained above, string input Action Areas are the only types of Action Areas that are not "transparent". They have a background color because the field may contain implicit text (explained previously) which would "show through" if the action area was transparent. By default, the background color of a string input Action Area is white, but you can change this to any color you like, by clicking on the String input background color button ( ).

Clicking on this button displays the standard color selection panel, where you can choose one of the predefined standard colors or, by clicking on the Define custom colors button, specify or select the exact color that you want to use from the Color dialog box (shown below).. [ 105 ].
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