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Download at WoweBook.Com use software qr codes generation toadd qr code in software Microsoft Office Development. Microsoft Office 2000/2003/2007/2010 10 . Webmin is an excellent GUI for Linux system management, if your preference is for web-based administration. Webmin can be found on http://www.webmin.

com and offers almost full control over your Linux systems. It brings a small web server of its own and supports SSL encryption, user management, and more. However, I do not want to conceal the fact that there are Perl scripts that set system variables in files at /etc, which is not considered best practice.

However, as always, security and usability are enemies and the compromises may vary. If we use Webmin, we must secure access to it. A good idea is a separate OpenVPN tunnel for it.

. Debian Linux and Webmin with Shorewall Installing Webmin and Shorewall Besides Webmin, we will enable SSH access to our Debian system. vpnserver: /home/mfeilner# wget http://switch.dl.sourceforge.

net/ sourceforge/webadmin/webmin_1.470_all.deb --01:22:51-- http://switch. webmin_1.

470_all.deb => `webmin_1.470_all.

deb" ( ) Length: 13.760.140 (13M) [application/x-debian-package] 100%[================================================================= =========>] 13.

760.140 5.66M/s 01:22:54 (5.

66 MB/s) - webmin_1.470_all.deb saved [13760140/13760140].

That shoul qr codes for None d be all! However, on all systems you will need some libraries before installing Webmin:. vpnserver: /home/mfeilner# aptitude install libnet-ssleay-perl libauthen-pam-perl libio-pty-perl libmd5-perl ( ) Fetching: 1

org lenny/main libnet-ssleay-perl 1.35-1 [206kB] Fetching: 2 lenny/main libauthen-pam-perl 0.16-1.

1+b1 [32,9kB] Fetching: 3

org lenny/main libio-pty-perl 1:1.071+b1 [40,7kB] Fetching: 4 lenny/main libmd5-perl 2.03-1 [5700B] vpnserver:/home/mfeilner# dpkg -i webmin_1.

470_all.deb (..

.) Webmin install complete. You can now login to https://vpnserver:10000/ as root with your root password, or as any user who can use sudo to run commands as root.

vpnserver:/home/mfeilner# [ 221 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Securing OpenVPN Tunnels and Servers You are to QR-Code for None ld that Webmin uses a separate password file in /etc/webmin/miniserv. users. Confirm this dialog with the OK button.

This is important, you should never send your root password over a web connection. The Shorewall firewall is also installed with a simple aptitude install shorewall. Webmin comes with a full-featured and intuitive GUI to control your firewall, but the configuration files are probably the faster way to edit your rules.

. Looking at Webmin This is th Software QR Code e Webmin login screen:. However, t here are still some small adjustments that you need to make. Webmin must be secured and configured. This is what the new GUI looks like, everything is done by mouse clicks.

. [ 222 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com 10 . After inst allation, you find Webmin installed in /usr/share/webmin and the Webmin configuration in /etc/webmin. The file miniserv.conf contains the basic configuration for access and authentication.

The Webmin documentation on the web site is the best place to look for the meaning of these options. At this point you will only need to change one line..

Change the qr barcode for None line allow=127.0.0.

1 /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf to the address of the client that you want to use for accessing Webmin and type /etc/init.d/webmin restart.

. Preparing Webmin and Shorewall for the first start Webmin can QR Code JIS X 0510 for None now be reached from the system you specified with a standard browser (supporting cookies and JavaScript is recommended, but not necessary) on the URL https://ip-of-our-webmin-server:10000. There are only two small changes to configuration files in the Shorewall setup that need editing:. Set the pa rameter startup=0 to startup=1 in /etc/default/ shorewall. Enable forwarding in /etc/shorewall/shorewall.conf by changing the line IP_FORWARDING=Keep to IP_FORWARDING=On.

Create your own certificates for Webmin, either within Webmin or use your PKI from OpenVPN for that.. Of course qr bidimensional barcode for None we can use the certificates generated by OpenVPN"s easy-rsa for Webmin too, and the best way to do this is generating certificates for Webmin. Perhaps you type something like webmin-server01 or similar in the Common Name field of the certificate and key. If you have certificates, you only have to put them on the server running Webmin and enter the path in the fields in the right dialog.

By doing so, you have certificates nobody else is using, which is definitely not true of the original Webmin certificates. In the previous example, the keys are placed in /etc/openvpn/ keys, but you can choose the location freely..

Install the Webmin Module for OpenVPN with Webmin Webmin Configuration Webmin Modules From ftp Software qrcode or http URL from

php/openit/content/ download/3566/14482/file/openvpn-2.5.wbm.

gz Now add a user to use with Webmin only for firewall configuration. Go to Webmin . Webmin Us ers and click on Create a new Webmin user hyperlink. Add your username, password, and select the modules OpenVPN and OpenVPN + CA..

[ 223 ].
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