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for many special pages such as use .net 3 of 9 integration tocompose code39 for .net iPhone MediaWiki and other wiki engines Of course, MediaWiki i s not the only wiki engine to choose from. If you visit a site called Wikimatrix (www.wikimatrix.

org) you will see a long list of wiki engines that are available. us to some of the othe .NET USS Code 39 r popular wiki engines: : type of document. It is simple and standards compliant.

It is suitable for small companies, development teams, and user groups. Instead of using a database, DokuWiki"s data is. [ 20 ]. : PmWiki is a PHP-base USS Code 39 for .NET d wiki that does not require any database and uses supports a template system in order to change the look and feel of the website as in order to protect site pages or groups of pages by enabling a password-protected mechanism. It also gives ample opportunity to customize the site as well as extend :.

a template system, and an access control system. : It is small, but a wiki standard, easy-to-use system. Wikipage is more.

uploading, table suppo Visual Studio .NET 39 barcode rt, and so on. : It is typically used to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet or on the It has a large plugin system with more than 200 plugins available to use such as spreadsheet, image gallery, slide shows, drawings, charts, graphs, and so on.

: Kwiki is perhaps the simplest to install, most modular, and easiest to extend.. [ 21 ]. [ 22 ]. : MediaWiki links you to pages that don"t yet exist. Click on a link that points to a nonexistent page, and the wiki will ask you for the will create the page right then and there. All links to that page (not just the one.

page, save it, and the Code 39 for .NET n link it from another page. : MediaWiki uses a database in order to manage the hypertext of the site.

As a result you can organize your page however you want.. you can organize your page into categories and namespaces if you want. Instead of designing the site structure, many wiki sites just let the structure grow with the content and the links inside their content. : As MediaWiki stores everything in a database that knows about all your links and all your pages it is easy for MediaWiki to show , a list of all the pages that link to the current page.

It also stores your document history so that it can list recent changes to the document and even a list of recent changes to pages that link to the current page. : Using the page feature, users can communicate page, or talk page as it is commonly called, is also editable by users to facilitate. Summary. In this chapter, we were introduced to a history of wikis and how wikis were developed to some of the other popular wiki engines. In the next chapter, we will learn how to install [ 23 ]. Installing MediaWiki As this is a beginners" guide, we are going to assume that most of you are installing as through the use of a called , and an Once we have uploaded MediaWiki to the server, and are ready to install, we will cover all of the rest of this book. In this chapter, we shall: Learn what is the minimum hardware that is required to run MediaWiki Prepare necessary directories on the server If you are ready, let"s get to it. MediaWiki requirements [ 26 ]. PHP is a recursive acr onym for . PHP is a that helps people create dynamic web pages. Server side means that all of the processing and compiling of the code happens on the server itself, not on the client.

Remember that PHP itse Visual Studio .NET Code 3/9 lf is a programming language. In fact, it is the language that the PHP engine is installed on the server so it has the ability to serve MediaWiki pages to your visitors.

, or , and Sun Microsystems". Likewise, other compil ers for other computer languages only translate their language into computer readable code.. Software version In order to run MediaW iki, any old version of PHP just won"t do. At a minimum, you need to make sure your server is running PHP version 5.0.

While this is the minimum, it is. Extensions In order for MediaWiki to work properly, certain PHP extensions must be installed as well. extensions required by MediaWiki and all three are enabled by default in PHP. You can of PHP, just to be sure.

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