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Anytype using software toget pdf 417 for web,windows application QR Code ISO speicification There has to be a catch PDF 417 for None with a data type like this, right Consider the following code:. static void Datatypes_a nytype2(Args _args) { anytype any; ; [ 43 ]. X++ Language any = syst Software pdf417 emdateget(); any = "test"; print any; pause; }. The compiler will not g ive any errors here because we are using the anytype data type so we can assign any value to the variable. However, trying to assign a string value to a date variable will give a runtime error. As you probably understand, you should try to avoid using the anytype data type.

The only exception where the anytype data type can be useful is for parameters or return values for methods that can take different data types as input or output. Consider an example where a method can be called from different places and with different input. In one situation the method will be called with a string, and in another situation the method will be called with an integer.

Instead of creating two methods or one method with two different input parameters, you could use the anytype data type as input parameter to the method and have the method check if it"s an integer or a string that was passed to it.. Composite data types Composite data types ar e data types where each variable can consist of multiple other variables. The different kind of composite data types are: Container Class Table Array. Container A container can consist of multiple values of any primitive data types mixed together. You can store containers as fields in tables by using the container field. Containers are immutable and adding or deleting a value in the container requires the system to actually create a new container, copy the value before and after the new value, and remove the deleted value.

. [ 44 ]. 2 . Container functions In the next example you can see some of the container functions that you will be using to insert values into containers, delete values from containers, read values from containers, and get the number of elements in a container.. Check out the Global class to find other methods. static void Datatypes_c ontainer_functions(Args _args) { container con; ; // conins - Insert values to the container con = conins(con, 1, "Toyota"); con = conins(con, 2, 20); con = conins(con, 3, 2200.20); con = conins(con, 4, "BMW"); con = conins(con, 5, 12); con = conins(con, 6, 3210.44); // condel - Delete the third and the fourth element // from the container con = condel(con, 3, 2); // conpeek - Read values from the container info(conpeek(con,1)); info(conpeek(con,2)); info(conpeek(con,3)); info(conpeek(con,4)); // connull - Reset the container con = connull(); // conlen - Get the length of the container info(strfmt("Length: %1",conlen(con))); }.

Class In order to access any data stored with an object you need to have a reference to the memory locations where these objects are stored. This is done by using class variables. When you create an object of a class you also want to be able to reference that object and the data stored with it throughout the scope where you are using the class methods.

. [ 45 ]. X++ Language See the next example to Software PDF-417 2d barcode get a hint on how an object is created from a class and how the object is referenced by a class variable.. static void Datatypes_c lass_variable(Args _args) { // Declare a class variable from the RentalInfo class RentalInfo rentalInfo; ; // An object is created and referenced by the // class variable rentalInfo rentalInfo = new RentalInfo(); // Call methods to set/get data to/from the object rentalInfo.setCar("BMW 320"); info(strfmt("The car is a %1", rentalInfo.getCar())); }.

The RentalInfo class is Software PDF417 implemented like this:. public class RentalInfo { str car; } void setCar(str _car) { ; car = _car; } str getCar() { return car; }.
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