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Web Services using software tomake pdf417 on web,windows application Android 15. In the wind PDF417 for None ow that opens you have to specify the website that you have created. This can be done either by entering the URL if you know where it is, or you can click on the lookup button with the three dots as seen in the next screenshot:.

16. A new windo w comes up where you can select the folder, or website, where you want to publish the Web Service. Select Local IIS on the left-hand side of the window if your web server is on the same computer as the Visual Studio installation.

Next, select the website on the right-hand side of the window and click on Open.. [ 284 ]. Download at 11 . 17. Now you wil l see that the Target Location is filled out in the Publish Web form and you can click on the Publish button. When the status field in Visual Studio (lower left-hand side corner) shows that the publish was successful, you can check if the Web Service is found at the address by typing the full URL in a web browser and press Enter.

In this example the full URL would be http://localhost:200/ItemOnHand.asmx and it would present the following webpage:. Accessing logic in an external Web Service Now that we hav e seen how we can make other applications trigger AX logic by exposing AX logic to Web Services, we will turn the other way around and see how we can make AX use web services that expose logic from external applications.. WebServer External Application Web Service Internet Web Service proxy dll Dynamics AX In the conceptu al diagram above we see that AX uses a Web Service proxy that is created specifically for the Web Service that it is about to call. The Web Service proxy lets AX know everything it needs to know in order to call the Web Service through the Internet. The Web Service, in turn, will return a result from the external application and pass it back to AX.

A lot of the examples on the Web will show you how you can ask a Web Service to convert from one currency to another, check if an e-mail address is valid, and some others that are most likely less useful to your AX customers.. [ 285 ]. Web Services Sometimes, howe PDF-417 2d barcode for None ver, you will find that your AX customers have several other applications that AX should integrate with to get additional information. Maybe they even integrate with their vendors to get updated product information automatically from their vendors" applications. If these applications can have web services that trigger actions within these applications, you can consume these web services in AX so that AX can ask for data or trigger some event in the other application.

To exemplify how to achieve this we will continue to use the previous example. Our Web Service will then return a result from AX, but it could have been a result returned from any other application that supports web services as well..

Creating a service reference The first thing barcode pdf417 for None we need to do is to add a service reference to our Web Service. When we perform this action in AX, we are actually creating a new DLL that will work as a proxy class between AX and the Web Service. It is created in .

NET automatically by reading the service description of the Web Service and adding all the methods and data types that the Web Service exposes. To do this, simply open the AOT and go to the References node. Right click on it and select Add service reference.

. The WDSL URL is the location where the service description of the Web Service resides. The .NET code namespace is the namespace that the proxy class will have.

The proxy DLL will also be put in a directory corresponding with the .NET namespace. The Reference name is the name of the reference to the proxy that we will use in AX.

It will typically be the same as the .NET code namespace to have the same naming in the proxy class and in AX..

[ 286 ].
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