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8. generate, create data matrix none for .net projects .NET CF Inventory Control Setup To start setting up the Inventory module, navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP Tools Setup Inventory Inventory Control to ope n the Inventory Control Setup window. On this window you can set up defaults for the next transaction numbers, set up user categories, and choose a number of additional global settings. The following is a listing of the fields in this window: User Category: Dynamics GP allows for six user-defined categories to be tracked for inventory items to facilitate reporting and analysis.

For example, Not Just Widgets sells software, hardware, and services. They may want to set up a category called Type that will hold the values Hardware, Software, or Services. Once you type a category name into one of the User Category fields, you can click the expansion button (blue arrow) next to User Category to open the Item Category Setup window, where you can fill in the values available for that category:.

Next Document Numbers: Th gs1 datamatrix barcode for .NET ese are the defaults for the next available number for each transaction type in the Inventory module. It is recommended to remove some of the zeros to make transaction numbers easier to work with.

Keep in mind that these numbers will not automatically increase in size; if the last transaction number was 9999, the next one will be 0000 and not 10000. In case you are wondering what a Production transaction is, according to the documentation this is for functionality not yet added to Dynamics GP..

[ 249 ]. Module Setup: Inventory, SOP, and POP Segment ID for Sites: If you intend to use multiple inventory sites (or warehouses) and have different GL accounts that will be used depending on which inventory site is used on a transaction, this setting can help set up Dynamics GP to automatically select the appropriate account number. This can be useful in the following scenario: Sales from NJ should go to GL account 4000-01-000 and sales from NY go to GL account 4000-05-000. In that case the Segment ID for Sites should be Segment 2.

When setting up the default Sales account, 4000-00-000 can be used and Dynamics GP will automatically substitute 01 or 05 for the second segment, depending on which site is chosen on every transaction. It may be tempting to leave this field blank until such a time as this type of functionality may be needed. Unfortunately, without this filled in, you will not be able to create inventory sites in Dynamics GP, which are required to enter transactions for inventory items.

Once the first site is created this setting can no longer be changed.. Via Site ID: Dynamics GP VS .NET datamatrix 2d barcode offers the ability to set up an "In-Transit" inventory site, so that if there is a time delay during the transfer of items from one site to another, inventory cannot be sold while it is in transit and there is greater visibility of the items in transit. If you would like to use this functionality, you will need to come back to this window to fill in a Site ID after you have created the inventory site you want to use for this.

Default Decimal Places: These are defaults for the number of decimal places for Quantities and Currency amounts for newly created inventory items. These can be changed for each item created; however, it may be helpful to pick the most commonly used values here. Because there is only one option for Currency decimal places on this window, if you have enabled Multicurrency, the Currency option will be disabled here and will instead be available when setting up individual items or item classes.

Allow: Leaving these options checked allows users to override quantity shortages when entering Inventory Adjustments, Variances, or Transfers. Most of the time, if companies are tracking quantities and want to ensure timely entry of inventory receipts, these should be unchecked. However, there are often times when shortages need to be allowed.

These settings can be changed at any time.. [ 250 ].
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