SharePoint Essentials in .NET Generating barcode standards 128 in .NET SharePoint Essentials

SharePoint Essentials use .net code 128b encoder toreceive code128b for .net Microsoft SQL Server People and expertise search The informa tion on a SharePoint site is not just restricted to documents but a company"s employee directory and the employees" skill sets. This allows the user to locate skills and co-workers very quickly with a single search..

With the pr Visual Studio .NET Code-128 eceding figure, employees that have the word sales in their profile are also displayed on the Search results page. By clicking on the People text on the search page, the user is shown all of the SharePoint users that have the word sales on their profile:.

There is al so the ability to view content by author; hover your mouse over additional search options on the people search results page:. [ 38 ]. 2 . Refinement and Exact Count Sorting Often with search result pages, the results become too much for the user to make a decision on what to click. With SharePoint, there is the ability to refine the search to metadata items of content with the Advanced Search page. You can find the Advanced Search page by clicking on Advanced next to the search bar.

. [ 39 ]. SharePoint Essentials The search Code 128 for .NET criteria can be constructed to provide greater refinement with AND or OR conditional searching ability..

Phonetics and Nickname expansion With the gl Code 128 for .NET obal workforce, some employee names can be difficult to pronounce and spell. SharePoint"s search engine can intelligently identify misspelled names in search queries.

. Recently authored content It is a ver Visual Studio .NET barcode code 128 y common user behavior to read a document and want to know what other information the author has written. SharePoint now has the ability to easily provide this information on the left-hand side of the Search results page.

The user"s experience of SharePoint 2010 search has been greatly enhanced from SharePoint 2007 with the Web 2.0 trend of integrating into the search results page both document and list information to the author"s role in an organization, and Active Directory information such as user location and contact information. As a result, the functionality provides an internal search engine for a document repository as well as finding expertise geographically within the company.

The different editions of SharePoint 2010 provide different functionality and it is important for you to understand the differences. These are outlined in Appendix A..

Summary. In this cha USS Code 128 for .NET pter, we have learned about SharePoint Essentials such as search, lists, libraries, content types, Ribbon, site hierarchy, user interface, and site navigation, at a higher level and what is different from SharePoint 2007 in terms of user experience. In the next chapter, we will discuss team sites and how a hierarchy of a portal can be deployed and managed.

The topics include site overview, site creation, site security, navigation, and UI-Themes. We recommend that you open the browser and experience each of the discussed topics in this chapter as this will combine practical hands-on experience with the described functionality in the other chapters of the book. We also recommend that readers who are familiar with the SharePoint 2007 version understand the difference between these versions and how this affects the way they work as some of your tasks can be simply enhanced rather than changed.

. [ 40 ]. SharePoint Team Sites This chapte r is designed to help you understand what SharePoint Team Sites (Sites) are and what content and information a Site can provide for your own specific purposes. This will ultimately allow you to architect an entire portal. This chapter will cover: Site overview Libraries and lists Creating sites Site security for your team Managing users and groups Creating and managing navigation Changing the UI-themes.

Site overview Understandi ng the site overview can be confusing because there are many terms that people often misuse. The word Site can refer to the entire portal when in fact a portal can be a collection of Sites, referred to by Microsoft as a Team Site. Another term you should also be aware of is Site Collection.

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