Installing SBS 2003 in .NET Integrating data matrix barcodes in .NET Installing SBS 2003

2. generate, create datamatrix none in .net projects QR Code Symbol Versions If you have selecte gs1 datamatrix barcode for .NET d the POP3 Connector under E-mail Retrieval Method, the specified schedule applies to receiving e-mail. If you have a broadband connection and have selected Exchange, the schedule has no effect on the receipt of e-mails.

If e-mails are sent by the ISP only after it gets a signal from the Exchange Server, the specified schedule comes into effect for the transmission. If the schedule is to be defined under Exchange, run the Server Administration and select Properties from the context menu of Small Business SMTP Connector. Here select the relevant option so that the entered schedule remains unchanged.

Then click on Next. 12. In the Remove E-mail Attachments dialog box you can specify whether specific types of e-mail attachments should be removed from Exchange Server.

. Mark the Enable Exc hange Server to remove e-mail attachments that have the following extensions checkbox and select from the list all file types that that the Exchange Server should automatically delete. Using the appropriate buttons you can also add, delete, or edit entries. The deletion of these file types applies only to SMTP-based mails and POP3 mailboxes, not to internal e-mails that are sent from within the company network.

. Installing SBS 2003 When an attachment is deleted, a notice is added to the e-mail informing the user that the attachment was deleted. The default text for this notice can be found in the file \Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Network\Attachment.txt.

If the removed attachments are not to be immediately deleted but saved in a folder, mark the Save removed e-mail attachments in a folder checkbox and give the path of the storage folder. Then click on Next. 13.

Then the Finishing the Wizard dialog box appears. Here you see the configuration settings you have made and have the option of changing them if required. To accept the settings, click on Finish.

After completing the configuration you will see the status window. Close this window..

14. After you have Data Matrix for .NET closed the window, you will see a dialog box asking you to configure the password policies.

Confirm with Yes. The Configure Password Policies dialog box appears..

2 . For security reason visual .net gs1 datamatrix barcode s you should lay down requirements for the passwords by creating password policies. Mark the Password must meet minimum length requirements checkbox and select a length.

Passwords shorter than the specified length will not be accepted. The minimum length is seven characters. If the checkbox Password must meet complexity requirements is activated, the passwords must have characters from three of the following four categories: Upper case letters A Z Lower case letters a z Digits 0 9 Special characters such as %, #, or $.

Moreover, the passw ord should not be the same as the user"s account name (even in part). If the Password must be changed regularly checkbox is activated, you can specify the number of days after which the password has to be changed. The longest validity period for a password is 42 days.

Finally, with the Configure password policies list box you specify when the new policy comes into effect. To begin with you should keep an interval so that you don"t have to use any complex passwords when logging in to clients in the course of client configuration. After client configuration is done, you should set the value to Immediately.

To accept the settings, click OK. 15. When the configuration of the passwords is completed, the following dialog box appears, asking you to download the available updates and patches for the SBS 2003 operating system after establishing an Internet connection.

. Installing SBS 2003 16. As soon as you click OK, you are connected to the Microsoft Update site on the Internet. All updates and patches available for SBS 2003 are listed and can then be installed.

The server may have to be restarted during the course of installation..
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