Figure 6.13: Specifying the events to be monitored in .NET Incoporate barcode data matrix in .NET Figure 6.13: Specifying the events to be monitored

Figure 6.13: Specifying the events to be monitored use .net framework ecc200 integrating toprint data matrix barcode in .net Office Excel On the Actions tab (see the f Data Matrix 2d barcode for .NET ollowing figure) you can then specify which actions should be executed after the alarm is triggered:. Internet Security and Acceler ation Server 2000 (ISA). Figure 6.14: Settings for the actions after an intrusion is identified You have the option of sendin g an e-mail. Enter the SMTP server and the recipient or recipients. Additionally or alternatively, you can also run a program.

If another account is required for this program, you can enter this information here. In addition to the predefined alarms, you can also create new custom alarms. To do this, select New/Alarm from the context menu.

Enter the desired information in the wizards as just described. To view elapsed alarms for which no special action has been configured, switch to. Monitoring/Alarms. Here you will find the alarms and messages of ISA Server. These are also written to the Windows event log. The Interplay between ISA Server and other Servers After you have become acquain ted with the system-immanent settings of ISA Server, you must get to know the interplay between ISA Server and other servers. Here you will learn about the settings that need to be made on ISA Server so that the internal servers can be accessed from outside. It is precisely in the SBS 2003 environment that you must configure ISA Server appropriately for, say, the Exchange Server, a web server, or a even a terminal server.

This is also referred to as publication of servers. From a purely theoretical perspective, you can always assign a reserved public IP address to each server that is meant to be accessed from the Internet. The address conversion.

6 . between private and public ad dresses is regulated by Network Address Translation (NAT). In this case the ISA Server would only function as a router. The cost of reserving several IP addresses is, however, an argument against this.

It makes more sense to reserve a public IP address only for the ISA Server. All requests are first sent to the ISA Server, which then forwards them to the individual servers..

Publishing Web Servers A request to an internal web server or FTP server first comes to the ISA Server, which then forwards it to the web server. From the outside, the ISA Server appears to be a "normal" web server that accepts requests on ports 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS). This prevents a direct connection from being established between an external client and the web server.

Since the ISA Server acts as a proxy server here, you should have selected the cache component during the installation. The pure firewall functionality is not sufficient for this task. For this forwarding to work, you must set the IP address of the web server and FTP server to that of the ISA Server in the DNS settings.

. Base Configuration 1. Open Properties from the c ontext menu of Server Name and switch to the Incoming Web Requests tab. 2.

Specify under Identification whether the settings should apply to all IP addresses of the server or only to some. Specify which TCP and SSL ports should be used. You should deviate from the default values 80 and 443 only if the server is not a public server and only authorized users know the changed ports.

In this case the change in ports can actually contribute to security. SSL encryption can, however, only be enabled if a certificate has been installed beforehand. You can specify via Configure how many simultaneous connections are allowed.

Consider whether you want to retain the default setting, which provides for no limit, in view of possible bandwidth restrictions. Furthermore, you can specify when a connection should be terminated after the client and the server have stopped exchanging data. By default the disconnection takes place in two minutes.

If users need to be authenticated on the web server, check the Request Identification of non-authenticated Users tab. Authentication is required if, for example, you want to use filters to allow access to only certain users..

Internet Security and Acceler data matrix barcodes for .NET ation Server 2000 (ISA). To edit the authentication se ttings, check the entry under Identification and click Edit. You will then see the Add/Edit Listeners dialog:.
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