These regions are set in the phptemplate.engine file. in .NET Creator QR Code ISO/IEC18004 in .NET These regions are set in the phptemplate.engine file.

These regions are set in the phptemplate.engine file. using vs .net torender qr in web,windows application Windows Forms function ph .net framework QR ptemplate_regions() { return array( "left" => t("left sidebar"), "right" => t("right sidebar"), "content" => t("content"), "header" => t("header"), "footer" => t("footer") ); }. The functio n in the phptemplate.engine file can either be modified directly (not recommended!) or overridden at the individual theme level. In this case, we only want to add the regions for this one particular theme, therefore, we will simply override the function in the template.

php file.. [ 11 ]. Modifying an Existing Theme To add our .NET qr codes new Regions, open the file tao/template.php with Dreamweaver, or your editor of choice, and find the following code:.

function ta o_regions() { return array( "left" => t("left sidebar"), "right" => t("right sidebar"), "content_top" => t("content top"), "content_bottom" => t("content bottom"), "header" => t("header"), "footer" => t("footer") ); }. The tao_reg QRCode for .NET ions function in the template.php file will supersede the phptemplate_regions function in the phptemplate.

engine file. The theme author has already defined two new regions for use in this theme: content_top and content_bottom. (Note as well that the default region content is not defined here it has been removed.

) Now, let"s add to that function our two new regions, page_top and banner, as follows:. function ta o_regions() { return array( "page_top" => t("page top"), "banner" => t("banner"), "left" => t("left sidebar"), "right" => t("right sidebar"), "content_top" => t("content top"), "content_bottom" => t("content bottom"), "header" => t("header"), "footer" => t("footer") ); }. Save your t qr codes for .NET emplate.php file to conclude the first part of this task.

The second step is to place the Regions" code into the page.tpl.php file, so the Regions can be positioned and styled.

For Tao-Fixed, the plan is to use the Region Page Top to hold a Top Nav that hangs from the top of each page. The Banner Region is to be placed below the Page Top and before the existing Header Region..

[ 1 ]. 6 . Open Tao"s page.tpl.php file.

Note the following code, immediately after the head of the document:. <body cl .net vs 2010 qr barcode ass="< php print $body_classes; >"> <div id="page"> <div id="header"> <div id="logo-title"> . We"re going to modify that to include our two new Regions, as follows:. <body cl Visual Studio .NET qr codes ass="< php print $body_classes; >"> <div id="page"> <div id="page-top"> < php print $page_top; > </div> <div id="banner"> < php print $banner; > </div> <div id="header"> <div id="logo-title">. Note that I have wrapped both the statements that include the new Regions with divs. To make them easy to remember, name the id of each div to match the Region. When we modify the CSS later, we will define these new divs to set the position and formatting of the contents of these Regions.

. Enable and Configure Blocks Let"s enabl e three of our default Blocks: Recent comments, Syndicate, and Who"s online. We will add some more items and configure them later, but for now we need only these three. Let"s assign all three to the region Right Sidebar.

Put them in whatever order you like. I set them up in this example with Navigation at the top, followed in order by Recent comments, Who"s online, and Syndicate. While you"re here, hide some of the Block titles that we don"t want to see on the page.

Open the configure dialogue for the Syndicate block and set the Block title to <none>. Do the same with the Primary Links, Footer, and Navigation Blocks. One of the requirements for this theme was the provision of space for a banner ad at the top of the pages.

For our purposes, we"re going to set up the banner the crude way that is, we"re going to create a Block for the banner, then hard-code the location of the banner image into the Block.. [ 1 ]. Modifying an Existing Theme To provide VS .NET qr codes a dummy banner image that we can work with, I downloaded a sample leaderboard and then placed it in the images directory inside our theme. I will link to the sample banner image for testing purposes.

Later, the user can either employ this banner block or they can find an alternative approach for placing a banner in this position. Either way, the styling will be in place and the site ready to accommodate the ads..

The Interne t Advertising Bureau maintains an online collection of sample ads units in various official sizes; this is a good resource for placeholders. For our Tao-Fixed theme, I have downloaded a sample Full Leaderboard ad unit: 728 x 90 pixels, http://www.iab.

net/standards/ adunits.asp..

To create o VS .NET QR Code JIS X 0510 ur new Block, access the Block Manager and choose Add Block. Name your new Block banner.

Next, insert a link to the banner image in the Block Body text field, as follows:.
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