In Story1, click on its gear, and go to CSS Properties and add custom-story as the CSS ID. in Java Implementation 39 barcode in Java In Story1, click on its gear, and go to CSS Properties and add custom-story as the CSS ID.

25. In Story1, click on its gear, and go to CSS Properties and add custom-story as the CSS ID. using barcode implement for awt control to generate, create barcode 3/9 image in awt applications. EAN/UCC-14 How it works... By using the Flexible layout along with CSS, we can make micro-level changes in the page layout. Implementing Panels In this chapter, we w ill cover:. Making a new front pa barcode code39 for Java ge using Views and Panels Creating a node override Overriding a node edit form Using Panels with feeds Using Mini panels. Introduction This is a chapter cen applet USS Code 39 tered on building website looks with Panels. We will create a custom front page for a website and a node edit form with a Panel. We will also see the process of generating a node override within Panels and take a look at Mini panels.

. Making a new front pa ge using Panels and Views (for dynamic content display). We will now create a recipe with Views and Panels to make a custom front page. Getting ready We will need to insta jar 3 of 9 ll Views as the module, if not done already. As the Views and Panels projects are both led by Earl Miles (merlinofchaos), the UIs are very similar. We will not discuss Views in detail as it is out of the scope of the book.

To use this recipe, a basic knowledge of Views is required.. Implementing Panels W e will use our recipe of flexible layout as our start for this recipe. To make a better layout and a custom website, I recommend using adaptive themes (

Here, in this recipe, I have used that theme. The adaptive theme is a starter theme and it includes several custom panels. There is also a built-in support for skins, which helps to make theming a lot easier.

We will be using adaptive themes in this recipe for demonstration and will change our administration view from Garland to adaptive theme. The adaptive themes add extra layouts as shown in the following screenshot..

4 . How to do it... 1. Go to the Flexible jvm USS Code 39 layout recipe we created or you can create your own layout using the same recipe. 2.

Now, we will create Views to be included in our Panels layout. 3. Assuming that Views is installed, go to Site building .

Views. 4. Add a View. 5. In the View name, add storyblock1, and add a description of your choice. 6. Select the Row sty servlet Code 3 of 9 le as Node. 7.

Put in Items to display as 3. 8. In the Style, we can select Unformatted or Grid depending on how you want to display the nodes.

I will use Grid. 9. In the Sort criteria, put in Node: Post date asc and Node: Type asc.

10. In Filters, we just want the posts promoted to the first page..

Implementing Panels 11. Do a live preview. 12. We will need to a jboss bar code 39 dd display of the default view as Block, so that the View is available as a block, which we can select in our Panels. We can also put the views default output as a Panel pane, but using blocks as a display of the Views gives the "read more" links by default.

In the direct View, we have to create it. Say, we create a block storyblock1, as shown in the following screenshot:. 4 . 13. Now, we need to go to the Flexible Layouts UI, as a layout created by you. 14. Go to the Content tab. 15. Earlier, we had d j2se barcode 3 of 9 isplayed a static block; now we will display a dynamic View. 16.

Disable earlier panes in the first static row. 17. Select the gears in first static rows and select Add content .

Miscellaneous. Implementing Panels 1 j2ee Code 39 8. The custom view block will be here, as shown in the following screenshot. Select it.

. 19. Save and preview. 4 . 20. So, we have now i ntegrated the dynamic View in one of our Panel panes. 21.

Let"s add sample content to each region now. You can select your own content as you want on your front page, as shown in the following screenshot:. 22. Go to Site configuration Site information. 23 . Change the default home pages to the created Panels page.

24. Your home page is now the custom Panel page..

How it works... In this recipe, we im plemented Panel panes with views and blocks to make a separate custom page and separate display for the existing content in the website..
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