Creating a Travel Website Using Panels in Java Print 3 of 9 barcode in Java Creating a Travel Website Using Panels

10. using barcode creator for java control to generate, create code 39 image in java applications. Visual Basic 16. We include as the barcode 3 of 9 for Java provider and add sample data.

The destination node will look similar to the following screenshot:. The sample data for this Cont ent type is shown in the following screenshot:. Creating a Travel Website Using Panels How it works... So keeping the wireframe in m javabean barcode code39 ind we created the Content types for the website. We also created sample data so that we can use the same to design our Views..

Getting ready with Views creation and Blocks Once we have created the basi j2ee barcode code39 c Content types for the website, we need to create different Views for each Content type. These Views would be then included in each of our Panel panes..

How to do it... 1. In order to create the fro Code 3/9 for Java nt page in Panels we need to create Views for the front page. 2.

Let us create the first View "TodayDeal". We need to display the most recent deal to be promoted here. We select the Content: Image: field_dealimage and Node: Body.

We will keep the Style as Table and filter by Node: Type = Deals. We will sort by Node: Nid desc..

10 . 3. We will need to create a c ANSI/AIM Code 39 for Java ustom image cache for the same. Here I have used the Resize option, but we can even use the scale and crop options to avoid losing aspect ratio.

. Configure the format for the field_dealimage as frontpage_thumnails image. 4. Preview and save. 5. The second view would be " jsp Code 3/9 Search by vendor name". Create a new view say Taxonomyfrontview.

Keep items to display as 10. Select the field Taxonomy: Term. Link this field to its taxonomy term page.

Filter it by Taxonomy: Vocabulary = Vendors.. Creating a Travel Website Using Panels 6. Preview and save. The third View would be "Dest j2ee Code 39 Full ASCII ination of the week". Let"s create a new View, say destinationvideos. Keep the Style as Grid and items to display as 3.

Include the field Content: Destination (field_destinationvideo). Select the Format as Image Thumbnail (linked to node). Note that blip.

tv supports thumbnail view. Filter by Node: Type = Destination and sort by Nid: desc..

8. Preview and save. 10 . 9. The fourth view would be " Search hotel by Zip". Let"s create a view, say hotelpostalsearch.

Keep items to display as 10.Keep the Style as Table. Include the fields Node: Title, Content: Website title (field_hotelwebsite), Location: Postal Code.

Exclude Location: Postal Code from display. Filter it by Node:Type = Hotel and Expose it by Postal Code. In the basic setting, expose this as a block.

. 10. Preview and save. Creating a Travel Website Usi ng Panels 11. The final view would be Weekly top deals. Let us name this view as RighthandView.

Keep item to display as 20. Keep the field Node: Title and filter it by Node: Type = Deals. Sort it descending by Nid.

This will display the latest 20 deals dynamically.. 12. Preview and save. 10 . 13. We now need to create the static block: What is communiqs. 14. Go to Site building Blocks New, and enter the informati barcode code39 for Java on shown in the following screenshot:. How it works... By using the Views module, we 3 of 9 for Java generated the Views for each Content type. In the next recipe, we will now assemble each of the views generated to form a powerful Panels based front page..

Building the front page with Panels Panels are actually more usef barcode code39 for Java ul to make strong front pages for a website without coding. Let"s make our website"s front page using Panel panes..

How to do it... 1. So we have built up all th Code 3/9 for Java e parts and now we would compile them with Panels to create a stunning front page for our website..

Creating a Travel Website Usi ng Panels 2. Go to the Panels dashboard and create a new Panel page, say frontpage..

3. Select a two-column layout. 4. Go to the Content tab and select Add content Views. Here you will be able to see all the Views that we have created. 10 . 5. Select each of the views a nd place them in the left and right column as per our wireframe. For each Panel pane select CSS Style as Rounded corners.

. 6. Do a preview and save. 7. Go to the Administration Site configuration Site information and select this page as home page. Creating a Travel Website Usi ng Panels 8. With this we have created a stunning travel website front page..

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