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6. using barcode creation for java control to generate, create qr code 2d barcode image in java applications. Microsoft Office Excel Website The Limit allo awt QR Code wed HTML tags section lets you specify which tags are not stripped. Remember that if all the tags are stripped from the content, you should enable the Line break converter so that users can at least arrange their content properly in paragraphs. Which tags are to be stripped is decided in the Allowed HTML tags text field, where a list of all the tags that are to be allowed can be entered anything else gets the chop.

Selecting Display HTML help forces Drupal to provide HTML help for users posting content try enabling and disabling this option and browsing to this relative URL in each case to see the difference: filter/tips. There is quite a bit of helpful information on HTML in the long filter tips; so take a moment to read over those..

The filter tip s can be reached whenever a user expands the text format section of the content post and clicks on the More information about text formats option.. The final opti QR Code 2d barcode for Java on, Add rel="nofollow" to all links, is used to protect your site"s reputation from being associated with websites that posters link to from their postings. The HTML attribute rel="nofollow" tells search engines not to build these links into how they view your website"s local network; it doesn"t stop normal visitors from clicking the link and going to that site. If you trust all the people posting on your website, leave this unchecked.

If you are worried that someone may post links to a website that isn"t in keeping with your ethics or values, then enable it. The Convert URL into links option is really there to help protect the formatting and layout of your site. It is possible to have quite long URLs these days, and because URLs do not contain spaces, there is nowhere to naturally split them up.

As a result, a browser might do some strange things to cater to the long string and this could make your site look odd. Decide how many characters the longest string should be and enter that number in the space provided. Remember that some content may appear in the sidebars, so you can"t let it get too long if they are supposed to be a fixed width.

This is not the end of the story, because we also need to be able to create text formats in the event we require something that the default options can"t cater to. This is easy enough to accomplish by clicking on the Add text format link above the list of available text formats in the Text formats overlay. This brings up the same page as the one used to edit the default formats and all that is required is for you to make selections in exactly the same way.

. [ 215 ]. Advanced Content Take a look at the previous screenshot that shows the configure page of the Filtered HTML text format. Notice that the <img> tag is not available for use. It"s easy to create our own text format called Images and enable the Limit allowed HTML tags option and add the image tag to the Allowed HTML tags section before saving.

Now any user with sufficient permissions can safely use the <img> tag in their posts provided they select the Image format option. We"ve already made use of various filters earlier in this section, but it is possible to add additional filters to content, and one in particular is important to consider the PHP filter. Before we can look at how to use it, we must first enable the PHP Filter module under Modules.

With that change saved, you will find that there is now an extra Text format in the list entitled PHP code by default, no users have permissions to use this format. Of importance to us is the fact that a new PHP evaluator option has been added to the available filters list for each text format:. [ 216 ].
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