Puzzle Bobble in .NET Display Code 128 Code Set C in .NET Puzzle Bobble

8. using .net framework todraw barcode 128 on web,windows application How to Use Visual Studio 2010 Looping through all VS .NET Code 128 Code Set A bubCont DisplayObject children means looping through all bubbles placed on the game field. Next two lines assign the i-th placed bubble to tmp variable.

I had to write the code in two lines for a layout purpose, but you may want to write it this way:. var tmp:bubble_mc=bu bCont.getChildAt(i) as bubble_mc;. The core of the scri visual .net code128b pt is the check for collisions:. if (collide(tmp)) { parkBubble(); break; }. If there is a collis Code 128 Code Set B for .NET ion, call parkBubble function to make the bubble fit into the closest cell and break the cycle as there is no point in continuing to look for collisions. Unfortunately, parkBubble function was made to work properly only when the bubble is about to leave the stage to the top, that is when it"s on the first row.

And, even worse, you know horizontal cell positions vary, as cells in odd rows are shifted to the right by R pixels. We need to heavily rewrite the function:. private function par kBubble():void { var row:uint=Math.floor(bubble.y/D); var col:uint; if (row%2==0) { col=Math.

floor(bubble.x/(R*2)); } else { col=Math.floor((bubble.

x-R)/(R*2)); } var placed_bubble:bubble_mc = new bubble_mc(); bubCont.addChild(placed_bubble); if (row%2==0) { placed_bubble.x=(col*R*2)+R; } else { placed_bubble.

x=(col*R*2)+2*R; } placed_bubble.y=(row*D)+R; placed_bubble.gotoAndStop(bubble.

currentFrame); removeChild(bubble); fire=false; loadBubble(); } [ 265 ]. Puzzle Bobble Let"s see what we are doing:. var row:uint=Math.fl Code 128B for .NET oor(bubble.

y/D);. Now the first thing is determining the row. The concept is the same applied to the column, but we must know which row we are working on to adjust horizontal position..

var col:uint;. Declares the variable that will store column number if (row%2==0) { ...

}. If the row is even, the column is calculated in the same way as before. else { col=Math.floo Code-128 for .NET r((bubble.

x-R)/(R*2)); }. otherwise column val ue is determined in a very similar manner, just shifting the horizontal position by R pixels on the left (look how R is subtracted to x property). The same concept is applied when it"s time to place the parked bubble, there are two similar ways to place it, one for the even rows (same as in the previous example), and one for odd rows. Finally, y property is calculated in a way that fits for each row, this way:.

placed_bubble.y=(row*D)+R;. Test the movie and you will be able to shoot bubbles that will stack like in the original game. Probably you will no Code 128A for .NET tice it"s a bit hard to place bubbles in some spots as they seem to react too much to collisions. This happens because in collide function we wanted bubbles not to touch any other bubble with a perfect collision detection.

. [ 266 ]. 8 . You will make the ga me a bit more playable if you change this line:. return Math.sqrt(dis Code128 for .NET t_x*dist_x+dist_y*dist_y)<=2*R;.

this way:. return Math.sqrt(dis Code128 for .NET t_x*dist_x+dist_y*dist_y)<=2*R-4;.

Subtracting some pix els from the collision detection. This will make the fired bubble pass more easily through stacked bubbles. Unfortunately, video games live in a strange world.

We worked hard to let the player place the bubbles, and now we"ll have to work twice as hard to let him/her remove it from the game.. Detecting bubble chains When the player form s a chain of at least three bubbles of the same color, they have to disappear from the game. Before we make them disappear we have to detect if we have chains. The idea: Once a new bubble is placed on the game field, we can use a variant of the flood fill algorithm that we used during the creation of Minesweeper to check if the bubble is a part of a chain.

The development: We worked on the visual part of the game until now. It"s time to add some code to be executed behind the scene to check for chains. First, we need to save the game field status in an array, and we"ll need another array to store all bubbles that are part of a chain.

Add two new class level variables:. private private priv visual .net code128b ate private private private private private private private private private private private const ROT_SPEED:uint=2; const R:uint=18; const D:Number=R*Math.sqrt(3); const DEG_TO_RAD:Number=0.

0174532925; const BUBBLE_SPEED:uint=10; var cannon:cannon_mc; var left:Boolean=false; var right:Boolean=false; var bubCont:Sprite; var bubble:bubble_mc; var fire:Boolean=false; var vx,vy:Number; var fieldArray:Array; var chainArray:Array; [ 267 ].
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