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Working within the project use software gs1 - 12 printer toencode upc a with software ASP.NET As you beg UPC-A for None in editing in Audacity, you"ll need to review your changes, and make sure that your recording sounds exactly the way that you want it to. Here"s the basics on playback, rewinding, fast forwarding, selecting, magnifying, and adjusting project views in Audacity..

[ 49 ]. Making It Sound Better: Editing Your Podcast Playback You"ll bec upc barcodes for None ome very familiar with your audio track as you listen to, and edit it. After each change, you"ll likely want to play it back to make sure that it sounds just right. To play back the track (or a portion of it), simply click on the Play button.

. Not hearin g playback It"s possible that you"re stuck at the end of your audio track. Click on the Skip to Start button move to the beginning of the timeline, and then click on the Play button..

As you beg Software UPC-A Supplement 2 in your edit, you"ll play back your audio track many times over, as you adjust and make changes to get it just right. Try listening to the playback on headphones, as well as separately on a set of external speakers. All of this playback on different equipment should give you a slightly different experience every time, and will allow you to optimize your audio tracks for both speaker and headphone playback.

. Rewinding and fast forwarding As your au GTIN - 12 for None dio tracks get longer, you won"t always want to listen to the entire track. You can just move your mouse forward or back in the timeline and click where you want to start listening from..

[ 50 ]. 4 . Once the c ursor is in place, click on the Play button. The playback will continue until the end of the track, or until you click on the Stop button. Alternatively, you can always click on the Skip to Start button to start at the beginning of the track.

. Selecting portions of your track There will be many times when you only want to play, view, or manipulate a certain portion of your audio track. To do this, you"ll need to select a portion of the track. To select a portion of your track: 1.

On the Tools toolbar, click on the Select tool.. 2. Next, p upc barcodes for None lace the mouse pointer on the audio track where you wish to start selecting (where the audio waves are displayed)..

[ 51 ]. Making It Sound Better: Editing Your Podcast 3. Click-a nd-drag the cursor across the track, highlighting the portion that you want to select. The "selected" portion of the audio track will appear in a darker shade of gray.

. Magnifying your view By default , when you record audio, the track is displayed in one second intervals. However, you can magnify or zoom in to particular parts of the audio track to identify noises, or to remove or add additional pauses. This magnified view can also give you a clear view of the actual voice waves that were recorded.

To zoom in and out on the audio track: 1. On the Tools toolbar, click on the Zoom In tool, as seen in the next screenshot..

2. The tra UPC A for None ck will immediately zoom in to show smaller time increments, and more detail of the voice wave. 3.

If you want to see even more detail, click on the Zoom In tool until you are at the desired level of magnification. 4. To zoom out, click on the Zoom Out tool, on the Tools toolbar.

. 5. Again, the track will immediately zoom out in intervals of half a second, to show less detail of your voice waves..

[ 52 ]. 4 . If, for ex Software UCC - 12 ample, you were recording your podcast and a dog barked in the background, you may want to zoom in very closely and only see that portion of your audio track in greater detail to try to remove that background noise. You can do this "super" magnification using the following steps: 1. On the Tools toolbar, click on the Select tool.

2. Select the portion of the audio track where you want to zoom in. 3.

When selected, on the main menu click on View and then Zoom to Selection..
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