The above ranges are just suggestions; you can choose any values that make sense to you in Java Integrating Code 3/9 in Java The above ranges are just suggestions; you can choose any values that make sense to you

The above ranges are just suggestions; you can choose any values that make sense to you generate, create 3 of 9 none on java projects Recommended GS1 barcodes for mobile apps 214783646 is the largest va applet ANSI/AIM Code 39 lue possible (in the future, it will be easier to specify upper and lower ends of ranges).. 6. Add another dimension bu siness indicator for industry: Name: industry Business Indicator: Dimension Type: String. 7. Add measure business ind barcode 3/9 for Java icator for discount: Name: discount Business Indicator: Measure Type: Int. [ 312 ]. 13 . 8. Add counter business ind icator for counting the number of times the quote is revised, with name numQuoteEdits and type Counter:. Assigning data to business indicators Now that you have defined y our business indicators, we need to assign data to them. As, in this scenario, the Enter Quote Details output data association is already used for assigning to quote data object, use a script activity to assign data to the business indicators from the quote data object by using the following steps: 1. Click on the Script activity in the Component Palette.

2. Move the mouse over the connector between the Enter Quote Details activity and the Is Business Practices Required gateway..

[ 313 ]. Process Analytics and Business Activity Monitoring 3. When the connector turns j2ee Code-39 blue, click on it. 4.

In the properties dialog box, specify Name as Assign Indicators. 5. Create data associations by selecting the Implementation tab of the Properties dialog box (if not open from the previous step, double-click on the Assign Indicators activity).

6. Select the Use Associations checkbox in the Data Associations sub-panel, leave Type as Simple, and click on the pencil icon. 7.

Drag-and-drop industry into the variables panel. 8. Drag-and-drop discount into the variables panel.

9. Drag-and-drop revenueDimension into the variables panel. 10.

In the right-hand side panel, expand the RequestQuoteLab node, then its quote child node, and then its summary child node. 11. Drag-and-drop industry to the source (left input textbox) for the industry indicator.

12. To set discount, click on the Expression Builder icon to the right of the left-hand input box for the discount indicator..

13. Enter the expression ro und(quote.summary.

effectiveDiscount * 100) because the effectiveDiscount is set as a decimal value and the business user should see it as a normal percentage value between 0-100.. This formula for the discou jvm barcode 3/9 nt indicator expects that the effectiveDiscount value coming from the page is a percentage value in decimal form, that is, a value such as .25 for 25%. In a later lab, you customize this form so that the user can enter the integer value for the discount.

For now, you must enter the. decimal value for analytics to work properly. [ 314 ]. 13 . 14. Click on OK. 15. Again, use the Expressi on Builder to set the expression for revenueDimension indicator to round(quote.summary.

totalNetRevenue) and click on OK. 16. The completed expressions look like the following screenshot.

Note the changed syntax of the round function from what you saw in the Expression Builder:. 17. Click on OK, and click on OK again to close the Properties dialog. [ 315 ]. Process Analytics and Business Activity Monitoring Adding a measurement mark In the previous section, yo Code 3/9 for Java u used a Script activity to assign data to business indicators. As process analytic data is by default not captured after automatic activities, unless you specify that it should be captured, it will not be captured until the next interactive activity is completed. As you want to track quotes as soon as they are entered, you need to specify a measurement mark.

You can do so by using the following steps: 1. Expand the Artifacts accordion in the Component Palette. 2.

Click on Measurement. 3. Move mouse over the connector between the Assign Indicators activity and Is Business Practices Required gateway.

4. When the connector turns blue, click on it. 5.

Specify measurement properties as follows: Measurement type: Single Measurement Name: QuoteEntered Move discount business indicator to selected. 6. Click on OK. [ 316 ]. 13 . Adding a counter In this scenario, you want to track how many times a quote has to be revised (due to rejections). 1. Right-click on Enter Quote Details and select New Counter Mark.

2. In Counter Properties dialog, select numQuoteEdits, and click on OK..

Once the counter is created Code 39 Extended for Java you can view it from Properties on the Counter tab:.
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