Code 128C for visual basic Download at WoweBook.Com in Java Incoporate PDF-417 2d barcode in Java Download at WoweBook.Com

Download at WoweBook.Com using none tocreate none on web,windows applicationcode 128 generation 4 . pdf417 2d barcode 14. Complete the following i f the schema owners need to be updated: i. Deselect all the component checkboxes.

ii. Select BAM Schema only. iii.

Enter the Schema Owner for BAM. iv. Next, deselect BAM Schema and select the next one.

v. Enter the schema owners one-by-one. vi.

Continue until all schema owners are entered. 15. Click on Next.

16. The data source connections are all tested..

17. If all are successful, click on Next, otherwise click on Previous and correct any errors. [ 63 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Product Installation 18. Click on Next once more, none none accepting defaults (no optional configurations), and you reach the Configuration Summary screen..

19. Click on Create. 20.

Wai t for the creation to finish it takes just a minute. 21. Click on Done.

. [ 64 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com 4 . Installing JDeveloper and SOA Composite Editor Now that your servers are in none none stall JDeveloper and the JDeveloper extension for SOA Composite Editor. . Installing JDeveloper After installing the servers, you can install the JDeveloper IDE. If you are installing JDevel oper on a machine that is not the same as your WebLogic server installation, you must have installed the JDK 6 update 11 first. See the pre-requisites section for download location..

1. Open a command window and none for none enter (if you copy/paste, make sure there is no space after the = sign and eliminate trailing spaces):. set JAVA_HOME=C:\Oracle\Midd leware\home_11gR1\jdk160_11 cd c:\stageSOA %JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe -jar jdevstudio11111install.jar.

You will see a message that none none the JAR is extracting:. %JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe -ja r jdevstudio11111install.jar Extracting 0%.









.. When it reaches 100%, the installation wizard will open. This takes a few minutes. If you see the splash screen briefly but then you do not see the extracting message and the installation wizard does not open, it"s probably because the Java is the wrong version. Enter %JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe version to see the version.

It must be version 1.6_11..

Complete the installation wizard as follows. Installing JDeveloper also i nstalls an embedded WebLogic Server that you can use for testing Java applications. You will use this in one of the labs..

2. Welcome Screen click on Next. [ 65 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Product Installation 3. Choose Middleware Home Di none for none rectory: select Create a new Middleware Home and enter C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdev_11gR1. This document assumes that path.

If you enter something else, then adjust accordingly when C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdev_11gR1 is referenced.. 4. Click on Next. 5.

Choose Install Type as Complete, and then click on Next. 6. JDK Selection: you will see your JAVA_HOME.

. [ 66 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com 4 . 7. Click on Next. 8.

Confirm Product Installation Directories. You should see: Middleware Home Directory: C:\Oracle\Middleware\. jdev_11gR1 JDeveloper and ADF: C:\Oracl e\Middleware\jdev_11gR1\. jdeveloper WebLogic Server: C:\Oracle\M iddleware\jdev_11gR1\. wlserver_10.3. 9. Click on Next. 10. Choose Shortcut location: "All Users", and then click on Next. [ 67 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Product Installation 11. Review Installation Summary. 12. Click on Next and the in none for none stallation starts. 13.

Wait for the installation to complete a few minutes. 14. When installation completes, deselect Run Quickstart and click on Done.

. Updating JDeveloper with latest SOA SOA design time in JDevelope none for none r requires a JDeveloper extension called SOA Composite Editor. While this is normally updated over the network when using release-level software, you can also perform the update manually if you have the extension file. JDeveloper periodically prompts you to accept an automatic network update.

Since this is released software, you have the option to click on OK to update to a newer version. The SOA extension is about 230 MB and may take some time to download. 1.

Start JDeveloper Studio 11.1.1.

1.0 from the Windows Programs menu: Oracle Fusion Middleware 11.1.

1.1.0 or run C:\Oracle\Middleware\ jdev_11gR1\jdeveloper\jdeveloper.

exe.. [ 68 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com 4 . During startup, select the f none for none ollowing when prompted: 2. Select Default Role, deselect Show this dialog every time, and click on OK. 3.

Click on No to "Migrate from previous release" 4. If you are prompted to select file extensions to associate with JDeveloper, deselect everything or select the ones you would like for your machine and continue. 5.

After starting JDeveloper, wait for the Integrated Weblogic Domain to be created. This domain is created the first time you run JDeveloper after installation. It is not used by SOA.

Watch for the completion message for setting up the domain in the JDeveloper Messages log window at the bottom of the JDeveloper IDE:. [12:37:11 PM] Creating Integ rated Weblogic domain...

[12:38:05 PM] Extending Integrated Weblogic domain...

[12:38:14 PM] Integrated Weblogic domain processing completed successfully.. Now you can update the SOA C none for none omposite Editor extension. These instructions show you how to update the extension over the network. 1.

Select Help . Check For Updates; click on Next. 2. Select Search Update Centers and select Oracle Fusion Middleware Products.

3. Click on Next. The system will search the update center for extensions.

. [ 69 ].
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