UCC - 12 for .net C# Deploying the service in Java Incoporate pdf417 in Java Deploying the service

Deploying the service using barcode creator for none control to generate, create none image in none creating upc-a c# [ 423 ]. code 39 Download at WoweBook.Com Data Handli none for none ng with Service Data Objects (SDO). 3. Change the JDBC DataSource name to jdbc/soademoDatabase. 4. Click on none for none OK. 5.

Back on the Configurations page, select CustomerSDOService as the default configuration. 6. Click on Save All to save the project.

7. You now need to create a deployment profile. Right-click on the CustomerSDO project in the application navigator and select Project Properties.

8. Select Java EE Application in the lefthand panel. 9.

Change the Java EE Web Application Name to CustomerSDO-webapp. 10. Change the Java EE Web Context Root to customer-app.

11. Click on OK 12. Right-click on the CustomerSDO project in the application navigator and select Project Properties again.

13. Click on Deployment in the lefthand panel. 14.

Click on New to create a new deployment profile.. [ 424 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com 18 . 15. Select none for none Business Components Service Interface as the Archive Type. 16.

Change the Name to customerSDOProfile. 17. Click on OK.

18. Expand the customerSDOProfile and select Middle Tier and click on Edit..

.. 19.

Change the Enterprise Application Name to CustomerSDO. 20. Change the name of the EAR file to customer-app.

ear. 21. Click on OK.

22. Click on OK to close the Project Properties window. 23.

Click on Save All to save the project.. With the ab ove steps, you have configured the deployment properties for deploying the CustomerSDO as a J2EE application. The following steps set it up to be accessible as an SDO service to any SOA Composite..

24. Click o none none n Application Menu in the toolbar and select Application Properties . 25.

Select Deployment in the lefthand panel. 26. In the Application Properties window, edit the selected deployment profile by clicking on the Edit button.

. [ 425 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Data Handli ng with Service Data Objects (SDO). 27. In the Edit EAR Deployment Properties window, enter CustomerApp as the Application name. 28. Click on OK on both the open windows. 29. Save all. The SDO ser none for none vice is published as web service using SOAP over HTTP, which is not transactional. For it to participate in a transaction, it needs to be invoked using a protocol, like RMI, that can join the composite"s global transaction. The following steps set up a WebLogic application life cycle listener, which will register the service with the SOA Infrastructure when the CustomerSDO application starts up.

When you use this service in a composite, you need to provide a registry key at design time. At runtime, the SOA Infrastructure looks up this service using the registry key and invokes it using RMI..

30. Browse to Descriptors in Application Resources in the Application Navigator pane. Open the weblogic-application.

xml file under the META-INF folder. 31. In the editor window, add the following lines to the file as shown in the following figure:.

<listene none none r> <listener-class> oracle.jbo.client.

svc.ADFApplicationLifecycleListener </listener-class> </listener>. [ 426 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com 18 . 32. Save al none for none l. 33.

In the Application Menu in the toolbar, select Deploy. 34. Select CustomerSDO_customerSDOProfile .

MyAppServerConnection. 35. Select the soa_server1 managed server as the target. Testing the Customer SDO service customer-app/CustomerSDOService. To test the none none service, start your browser and navigate to: http://localhost:8001/. You can als o use EM to test the service by selecting the Test icon in the Web Services pane of the CustomerSDOApp application page.. 1. On the W none for none eb Service testing page, select getCustomersView1 in the Operation drop-down list. 2.

The page will re-render to show only customerId text input. Enter 1111 and click on Invoke. You should see the response with the customer name as Test Customer.

. [ 427 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Data Handli ng with Service Data Objects (SDO). Notice the none none different data manipulation and retrieval operations that were automatically created for the data access service (DAS).. Using the new ADF-BC Service in the POProcessing composite In this ste none none p, you modify the POProcessing composite to use the customer as an SDO through the ADF-BC service created in the last step. The approveLargeOrder BPEL process is modified to retrieve the customer information using the customerId in the input order and replace the ID in the input with the name from the SDO. You also update the customer information in the database with the information of the last approved order ID and the value of the purchase order.

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