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4. using barcode generating for spring framework control to generate, create code 128a image in spring framework applications. Microsoft Windows SDK We will be using j2ee barcode standards 128 most of these panels to lay out our user interfaces in this chapter and the rest of this book. The concepts from this task can be extended and applied to almost any type of search that you want to provide to your users in your application. You can even enhance and extend this application to provide further information to the user such as the number of matching results.

The plumbing and tools provided by GWT make it extremely easy to provide this functionality. One of the best examples of the live search AJAX pattern and its use is the Google suggest service. As you type a search query string in a text field, it retrieves and displays a list of matching results in a continuous fashion.

You can see it in action at complete=1&hl=en.

. Password Strength Checker Visual cues are code-128b for Java great way to inform the user of the status of things in the application. Message boxes and alerts are used much too often for this purpose, but they usually end up irritating the user. A much smoother and enjoyable user experience is provided by subtly indicating to the user the status as an application is used.

In this section, we are going to create an application that indicates the strength of a typed password to the user by the use of colors and checkboxes. We are going to use check-boxes very differently than their normal usage. This is an example of using GWT widgets in new and different ways, and mixing and matching them to provide a great user experience.

. Time for Action Creating the Checker In the current d code 128c for Java ay and age, passwords are required for almost everything, and choosing secure passwords is very important. There are numerous criteria suggested for creating a password that is secure from most common password cracking exploits. These criteria run the gamut from creating 15 letter passwords with a certain number of lower case and numeric digits to creating passwords using random password generators.

In our example application, we are going to create a password strength checker that is very simple, and only checks the number of letters in the password. A password string that contains less than five letters will be considered weak, while a password that contains between five and seven letters will be considered to be of medium strength. Any password containing more than seven letters will be considered as strong.

The criteria were deliberately kept simple so that we can focus on creating the application without getting all tangled up in the actual password strength criteria. This will help us to understand the concepts and then you can extend it to use any password strength criteria that your application warrants. This example uses a service to get the password strength, but this could also be done all on the client without needing to use a server.

. [ 55 ]. Interactive Forms 1. Create a new Java file named in the com.


client package. Define a PasswordStrengthService interface with one method to retrieve the strength of a password string provided as a parameter to the method:. public interface Code 128 Code Set A for Java PasswordStrengthService extends RemoteService { public int checkStrength(String password); }. 2. Create the as ynchronous version of this service definition interface in a new Java file named in the com.


client package :. public interface servlet USS Code 128 PasswordStrengthServiceAsync { public void checkStrength (String password, AsyncCallback callback); }. 3. Create the im plementation of our password strength service in a new Java file named in the com.

packtpub. gwtbook.samples.

server package.. public class Pas code 128 code set c for Java swordStrengthServiceImpl extends RemoteServiceServlet implements PasswordStrengthService { private int STRONG = 9; private int MEDIUM = 6; private int WEAK = 3; public int checkStrength(String password) { if (password.length() <= 4) { return WEAK; } else if (password.length() < 8) { return MEDIUM; }else { return STRONG; } } }.

[ 56 ].
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