Extending The Business Role of Your SugarCRM System in .NET Use UPC-A in .NET Extending The Business Role of Your SugarCRM System

Extending The Business Role of Your SugarCRM System generate, create upc code none for .net projects Royal Mail Barcode Click on Save and Cont GTIN - 12 for .NET inue to access the Marketing Email definition screen. Enter Superflor Intro in the Name field, and define the rest of the values as illustrated in the following screenshot:.

Assuming that you have defined your e-mail account as described earlier in this section, you should be able to select Marketing for the User Mail Account setting. Select it, set Status to Active, and enter the current date and time for Start Date & Time. Notice that Email Template is not yet defined and the drop-down only demonstrates the options for system defined templates.

The following section will cover the process of creating an e-mail template for use within our campaign.. Creating an e-mail template To execute an e-mail m arketing campaign, Doc will need an e-mail template. To create it while defining the campaign, click on the Create button on the Marketing Email screen. Alternatively, if you wish to create a template at any other time, you can do so by hovering over the Collaboration tab, clicking on Emails, and then selecting the Create Email Template shortcut.

The following screen then appears:. [ 134 ]. 5 . Proceed to enter some GS1 - 12 for .NET text into the body of the message. If you wish to embed fields from SugarCRM, use the Insert Variable options to embed it at the cursor"s current location, as demonstrated in the preceding screenshot immediately following Dear within the body of the message.

The Insert Tracker URL option allows you to add the tracker links that are in turn used to measure your click-throughs. To insert it, select the desired Tracker URL from the drop-down menu and enter the desired text for the link. In this example, the text Superflor has been used.

Clicking on Insert URL Reference will then insert a link with the provided text at the cursor"s current location. Click on Save once you are satisfied with your message, and click on Next to proceed to the next stage of the campaign definition. You will be prompted to send the e-mail or simply finish.

Click on the Finish button.. [ 135 ]. Extending The Business Role of Your SugarCRM System Adding targets to the campaign Now we need to add som GS1 - 12 for .NET e targets to this e-mail marketing campaign. We will be adding them to the test target list that we defined earlier in the chapter.

While on the detail view for the campaign, click on the Superflor Target in the Target Lists section of the campaign summary screen as shown in the following screenshot:. Next, you need to sele ct some targets to the Superflor Targets list. To add them, click on the Select button for Targets, Contacts, Leads, or Users to choose the appropriate entries. Once you have finished making your selections, your Superflor Target list should resemble the following image:.

[ 136 ]. 5 . Now that we have selec upc barcodes for .NET ted some targets (in practice, of course, you would select many more) we can send our e-mails. For example, hover on the Marketing tab and click on Campaigns to choose the Superflor, and then click on the Send Emails button at the top.

You will be prompted to select a target list of recipients. Only those target lists that are associated with the campaign will be displayed. Check the box next to the Superflor entry and click on Send to send the e-mail as shown in the following screenshot.

If your future campaigns include multiple target lists, you can choose as many of them as you like when you send the e-mails.. The labeling on the Se nd button can be a bit misleading. In reality, the e-mails are being placed in a queue instead of being immediately delivered. The queue must be processed by SugarCRM in order for the e-mails to be delivered.

The following section discusses the e-mail queue in greater detail..
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