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6. using barcode creation for software control to generate, create code 39 full ascii image in software applications. ISO/IEC 18004:2000 Setting up Software USS Code 39 more than one redistribution server might require rules of affectations. Imagine the following situation. We have a redistribution server per IP subnet or DNS domain.

The rule that deals with such a configuration is similar to the following lines:. Machine Value IPSUBNET = Server Value IPSUBNET The rule sh Software barcode 3 of 9 ould make sense as it checks whether the machine"s IPSUBNET equals to the server"s IPSUBNET. In the case of DNS domain, we of course select the DOMAIN variable. On another note, if there is no distribution server within the same DOMAIN/ IPSUBNET, then the agent will use the central OCS-NG management server.

Finally, don"t forget that if we want to use redistribution servers, it needs to be specified in the OCS Configuration Redistribution menu. At the beginning of this book, we kind of assumed a centralized suite, not a distributed one. This information should be more than enough to make our way around, if we feel the need to implement this.

. Securing the process with SSL certificates Now, we wil Software Code 39 Full ASCII l cover the internal working of SSL certificates. As explained earlier, these are required as they enhance the security of deployment. Those info XML files are grabbed through HTTP over SSL protocol.

We have two options to set up such a necessary SSL system. Either we are going to work with self-signed certificates, or we opt for a more refined solution via the typical Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) scheme, having the certificate signed by a certificate authority (CA). In the very essence, the public key is linked with an identity.

After that, anyone can verify whether that key really belongs to that identity. Therefore, it acts as a digital signature. Describing in detail how the PKI scheme works is beyond the scope of our book.

Chances are if you want to opt for the second methodology (that is having signed the certificates by a CA), then you either have an internal PKI or, you may have got yours issued by a commercial signer such as VeriSign or Thawte. We will see that even if you want to use this option, there is a free certificate authority at

In the mean time, self-signed certificates should suffice for most environments. One of the key points to be careful about is the certificate validity period. As the generated certificates need to be spread around on the clients, we should set up an extended time.

Otherwise, we need to repeat the process of deploying certificates quite often (each time they expire).. [ 151 ]. Package Deployment through OCS-NG Apache web servers are shipped with sample scripts to generate SSL certificates. OpenSSL is a free, open source toolkit sporting SSL-related features that work well. Check out the following URL:.

Let"s see a n example of how to generate a certificate with OpenSSL using the following commands:. openssl genrsa -out server.key 1024 openssl req -new -key server.key -out server.csr The first command generates an RSA server private key and a CSR certification request. CSR stands Code 39 for None for Certificate Signing Request. RSA is a public-key cryptography algorithm, and its name comes from Rivest, Shamir, and Andleman..

We will see this in more detail in the next section, Working with self-signed certificates Working with self-signed certificates We can gene rate and self-sign our certificates. The OpenSSL toolkit allows us to carry out these tasks, and the certificates created by OpenSSL are robust and secure enough for testing or internal usage. Generating and self-signing a certificate can be done using the following command:.

openssl genrsa -des3 -out server.key 1024 This comman d generates the server.key, which is a 1024-bit RSA private key. The algorithm is Triple-DES encryption.

The format will be in Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM), which is in plain and simple readable ASCII but it is encrypted in Triple-DES.. More inform Software ANSI/AIM Code 39 ation regarding PEM can be found by visiting the following link: Electronic_Mail.

Now, we wil l run the following command:. Enter PEM p Code 3/9 for None ass phrase: Verifying password - Enter PEM pass phrase: [ 152 ]. 6 . The next st Software barcode 3 of 9 ep is generating the CSR certificate signing request. Once this is done, we can either self-sign it ourselves or issue it to a signing requestor service as mentioned earlier. The latter is the ideal situation.

These services can verify the real identity of the requestor and if they match, then they sign the certificate. As such, the certificate becomes signed by the said CA authority. First, let"s see how we can generate that CSR file by typing the following command:.

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