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9. generate, create 3 of 9 none on software projects Office Word In a nutshell, this is how th Code 39 for None e inventory is built up. Now, the next step is sending it in. The agent will open up an HTTP connection towards the server, send it in, wait for feedback, and finally check whether there is something new to download (for example, a new agent version).

. HTTP SERVER: Creating CIntern etSession to send inventory results...

OK. HTTP SERVER: Getting HTTP Connection to server ocsng-serv.mydomain.

org port 80 using no authentication...

OK HTTP SERVER: INV : SEND received, sending inventory...

HTTP status 200 OK OK. HTTP SERVER: INV : no account info update HTTP SERVER: Closing HTTP connection..


DOWNLOAD: Download is off Writing last inventory state file...

XML Write new inventory state to file <C:\Program Files\OCS Inventory Agent\last_state>...

OK Execution duration: 01:25:34.. Under a successful execution, Software 39 barcode this is the fashion through which the inventorying is logged. Generally, there are two kinds of problems that might occur. At first, the agent cannot contact the OCS-NG communication server for whatever reason.

This is specified at the beginning when it tries to initialize the connection the first time. HTTP status/errors are printed in the log. Thus, we can see the notorious errors such as HTTP 500, 404, 301, and so on.

The second situation can happen at the end when it tries to send the inventory. If there are some missing modules from the OCS-NG server, for example, XML interpreter, then it cannot retrieve and understand the inventory the agent is trying to send in. If this is the case, then the same error should happen on every agent, obviously.

Regardless of what errors we are getting, especially in the case of internal errors such as HTTP 500, we need to look into the Apache logfile (error.log) that is located, by default, on the following path: /var/log/httpd. Under Windows, this is located at the directory: C:\xampp\apache\logs\.

The filename is the same error.log. If all goes well, by now, we should be familiar with the agent logging.

This means that we are ready to move on to troubleshooting. We are going to cover some of the most frequent agent-related problems how they appear in the logs, along with solutions to fix them. As a final note, in case of Linux agents, the parameter that forces logging is --debug instead of the /debug one on Windows agents.

Please refer to 3, The Zen of Agent Deployment for a complete list of agent switch parameters. There are many of them!. [ 217 ]. Troubleshoot Confidently Find Solutions and Workarounds As mentioned earlier, quite o ften, there are connection-related issues, for example, the agent cannot establish a connection with the OCS-NG server. This can happen because of various reasons. First, there is a proxy required, and the agent is launched with the /NP parameter; thus, it sets "no proxy" mode and fails the connection.

Linux agents have the NP parameter. By default, the agent retrieves the proxy address set in Internet Explorer (IE) under Windows. This means that if there is a required proxy to go outside and surf the Net, but that proxy is not required to reach the internal OCS-NG communication server, which is within the intranet, then the agent will fail again.

In this situation, we need to specify the /NP switch to disable proxy detection. It ignores the one set in IE and things will work. In the situations we just discussed, the connection times out as the destination is unreachable.

Based on our network topologies, we must know whether or not we need a proxy (if we have any) to reach the OCS-NG communication server from workstation computers. Another possible error occurs when the OCS-NG server is not configured accordingly. We can see this from the following log sample:.

HTTP SERVER: Connection WITHO Software barcode 39 UT proxy HTTP SERVER: Creating CInternetSession to get inventory parameters...

OK. HTTP SERVER: Connecting to server ocsng-serv.mydomain.

org 80...

OK. HTTP SERVER: Sending prolog query..

. HTTP SERVER: The server ocsng-serv.mydomain.

org is not a well configured OCS server HTTP ERROR: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN"> <html> <head> [ --part cut out-- ] </head> <body>.
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