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3. generate, create qr codes none in java projects Web service What just happened You have dozens of vecto r-based XAML sprites moving in a Silverlight 3 application. The game looks really nice. It seems that you will be part of a 3D games development team very soon! We can also move the ship using the cursor movement keys.

The ship moves everywhere, because we want to keep it simple. We will have more time to focus on controlling input devices to provide great feedback later. The aliens are always moving.

Once we press a cursor movement key, the ship starts moving. The tents (Halloween pumpkins) are motionless, but they are also sprites based on the SpriteWrapper superclass. Hence we can add some animation to the tents.

The code programmed in the button"s Click event handler is very simple, because it calls previously added methods to do the following tasks:. Create the sprites:. CreateAliens(); CreateTe nts(); CreateShip();. [ 7 ]. Combining Sprites with Backgrounds Define the upper-left co jsp qr-codes rner and bottom-right corner for the aliens" animation:. _upperLeftCorner = new P oint(_aliens[0].location.X, _aliens[0].

location.Y); _bottomRightCorner = new Point(LayoutRoot.ActualWidth - _colWidth, LayoutRoot.

ActualHeight - _rowHeight);. Save the current time fo Quick Response Code for Java r the first time:. _LastTick = DateTime.Now;. Attach an event handler jvm QR-Code to render each frame:. CompositionTarget.Render ing += RenderFrame;. Attach an event handler jboss qr codes to be triggered when a key is down:. this.KeyDown += new KeyE ventHandler(Page_KeyDown);. That is all. The events begin to fire and the frames start rendering. Animating multiple sprites The RenderFrame method a Denso QR Bar Code for Java cts as the main game loop. Thus, it is responsible for animating the sprites. However, the code is very simple: 1.

It calculates the elapsed time after the last call to this method:. TimeSpan elapsedTime = ( DateTime.Now - _LastTick);. 2. It calls the Update m tomcat qr bidimensional barcode ethod for all the SpriteWrapper instances, sending the calculated elapsed time as the unique parameter. It does this for the tents, the aliens and the ship:.

for (int iTent = 0; iTen t < _totalTents; iTent++) { _tents[iTent].Update(elapsedTime); } for (int iAlien = 0; iAlien < _aliens.Count(); iAlien++) { _aliens[iAlien].

Update(elapsedTime); } _ship.Update(elapsedTime);. 3. Once the sprites are QR for Java updated, it calls the CheckBounds method. This method is responsible of moving the aliens down and inverting the movement direction and the rotation direction when the bound has reached.

4. Then it saves the current time that will be used in the next call to RenderFrame, to update all the sprites taking into account the elapsed time:. _LastTick = DateTime.Now ; [  ]. 3 . Using the subclasses of SpriteWrapper or any other object-oriented design to define the characters and their common behavior, we can simplify the game loops.. Managing a complex game loop The more complex the gam e, the more complex the main game loop. However, using methods with very clear names, we can create a complex game loop with code that we can understand..

If you do not understand servlet QR Code the code in the main game loop, you will not be able to finish the game"s development. Therefore, the code in the main game loop must be very easy to read..

In this case, we also ad ded some very simple code to the KeyDown event handler. When the player presses one of the cursor movement keys, the event calls one of the four methods offered by the ShipWrapper instance to specify movement directions. Then, these new movement directions will be taken into account by the main game loop, controlled in the previously explained RenderFrame method.

. Time for action detecting collisions between 2D characters Now, we are going to add a very simple collision detection capability to the sprites. This is not a precise co QR Code ISO/IEC18004 for Java llision detection algorithm. We are going to use a very simple technique to give some life to the game. However, we will improve our collision detection algorithms later in the following chapters.

Our current focus is on a good object-oriented design for the sprites and on the modification of the game loop.. We want the aliens to sh ow a different color when they collide with the ship. We want to see the changes necessary to add some logic to the game. We will do that by following these steps:.

1. 2. 3.

. Stay in the SilverlightI nvaders2DVector project. Open the code for the superclass SpriteWrapper. Add the following public method to return a rectangle with the sprite"s bounds:.

public Rect UCBounds() { qr bidimensional barcode for Java return new Rect(_location, _size); } [  ].
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