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6. using barcode creation for jvm control to generate, create qrcode image in jvm applications. CBC Build and run th QR Code 2d barcode for Java e solution. Click on the button and move the mouse. You will see that the ship moves in the same direction that the mouse pointer translates.

You will be limited by the area where the mouse pointer can be moved, as shown in the following picture:. What just happened You can move the qr bidimensional barcode for Java ship using the mouse. You can control the ship"s movements, limited to the area available for the mouse pointer"s location. The ship moves when the mouse moves in certain directions and it stops moving when the left button is pressed or when the mouse stops moving.

It is very easy to move the ship in a diagonal direction and with a free movement style. When the player clicks on the start button, a new instance of MouseManager is created. This is necessary to tell the class the UserControl:.

_mouseManager = new MouseManager(this);. The constructor QR for Java will add the three previously explained event handlers to this UserControl. We commented the call to the CheckKeyboard procedure and we added a call to the new CheckMouse procedure in the RenderFrame method. We evaluate the direction of the mouse pointer taking into account its previous position and comparing it with the new one.

We are able to evaluate directions in both axes at the same time.. [ 13 ]. Controlling Input Devices to Provide Great Feedback The ship does no t move if the mouse left button is pressed. We achieved this by calling the GoNowhere method before evaluating the button"s status:. if (MouseManager jdk qr-codes .IsButtonDown()) { _ship.GoNowhere(); }.

Time for action using the gamepad as a mouse Now, it is time qr barcode for Java to invite your project manager to control the game using the gamepad"s left mini stick in a Silverlight application:. 1. 2. 3.

. Stay in the Silv javabean qr codes erlightInvaders2DVector project. Keep the same configuration previously explained for the gamepad. Build and run the solution.

Click on the button and move the ship to the aliens, using the left mini stick. You will be able to move and stop the ship according to the mouse pointer"s position, using the gamepad, as shown in the following picture:. Repeat the experience using the gamepad"s POV control to move the ship. [ 14 ]. 6 . What just happened By using the key board manager, the mouse manager, and configuring the gamepad"s driver, you could take into account its input to control a game running as a Silverlight application. Again, we did not have to change a single line of code. Firstly, we had to take the input from the mouse, taking into account its movement during the time taken to render one frame.

Then, mapping one of the gaming input device"s analog controls to the mouse; we could use it in a Silverlight application, without even needing to know its model or manufacturer.. Time for action rotating cameras using input devices As you were able to use a gamepad in Silverlight, your project manager wants to control the camera that shows the ship using this device. Now, we are going to add the keyboard and mouse management classes to our application that shows the spaceship, using Balder and Silverlight:. 1. 2. 3.

4.. Open the project , 3DInvadersSilverlight. Copy and paste the previously created keyboard and mouse management classes to the main project, KeyboardManager and MouseManager. Open MainPage.

xaml.cs. Add the following private variables in the public partial class MainPage : UserControl, to hold instances of the KeyboardManager and MouseManager classes:.

private Keyboard QRCode for Java Manager _keyboardManager; private MouseManager _mouseManager;. Add the followin g line of code before the end of the aforementioned class"s constructor:. // Key manager _ qr codes for Java keyboardManager = new KeyboardManager(this); // Mouse manager _mouseManager = new MouseManager(this);. 6. 7..

Open InvadersGam qr bidimensional barcode for Java e.cs. Add the following private variables in the public class InvadersGame : Game, to hold the previous mouse position:.

private Point ol dMousePoint = new Point(0,0);. [ 15 ]. Controlling Input Devices to Provide Great Feedback Add the followin jboss QR Code ISO/IEC18004 g private methods to change the camera"s angle:. private void Red uceCameraAngle() { _cameraAngleRadians -= 0.1; } private void IncreaseCameraAngle() { _cameraAngleRadians += 0.1; }.

Add the followin jboss qr barcode g private methods to check the mouse movement and the keys pressed using the new mouse and keyboard manager. They control the camera"s angle:. private void Che ckMouse() { Point mousePoint = MouseManager.GetMousePosition(); // Move the spaceship when the button is down if (mousePoint.X < oldMousePoint.

X) ReduceCameraAngle(); if (mousePoint.X > oldMousePoint.X) IncreaseCameraAngle(); // Save the old mouse position oldMousePoint = mousePoint; } private void CheckKeyboard() { if (KeyboardManager.

IsKeyDown(Key.Left)) ReduceCameraAngle(); if (KeyboardManager.IsKeyDown(Key.

Right)) IncreaseCameraAngle(); // After checking the down keys, remove the up keys KeyboardManager.RemoveUpKeys(); }.
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