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AGI Programming API Functions generate, create bar code 39 none on .net projects Barcodes for Mobile Applications Command answe Code 3 of 9 for .NET r channel status control stream file database del database deltree database get database put exec get data Description Asserts answer Returns status of the connected channel Sends the given file allowing playback to be controlled by the given digits, if any Removes database key/value Removes database keytree/value Gets database value Adds/updates database value Executes a given Application Gets data on a channel. [ 164 ]. 12 . Command get f ull variable get option get variable hangup noop receive char receive text record file say alpha say date say datetime say digits say number say phonetic say time send image send text set autohangup set callerid set context set extension set music set priority set variable stream file tdd mode verbose wait for digit. Description G .net vs 2010 3 of 9 ets a channel variable, but understands complex variable names and built-in variables Behaves similar to Stream file but used with a timeout option Gets a channel variable Hang up the current channel Does nothing Receives one character from channels supporting it Receives text from channels supporting it Records to a given file Says a given character string Says a date Says a formatted date and time Says a given digit string Says a given number Says the given character string. Says the time Sends images to channels supporting it Sends text to channels supporting it Auto hangup channel after specified time Sets callerIDfor the current channel Sets channel context Changes channel extension Enables/Disables Music on hold generator, for example "Set Music On default" Prioritizes the channel Sets a channel variable Sends audio file on channel Activates TDD mode on channels supporting it to enable communication with TDDs Logs a message to the asterisk verbose log Waits for a digit to be pressed.

[ 165 ]. Where to from Here To obtain ful l information about the functionality of each of the above commands, including its input and output values and parameters, please refer to the Asterisk CLI show agi command. The following example shows how to use the show agi command:. AGI Programming Libraries As with most APIs available to the public, the AGI programming API has a multitude of pre-packaged libraries, readily available under various open-source or proprietary licenses. A few of these libraries and their respective license types are as follows:. Programming L .NET 3 of 9 anguage PHP PERL RUBY JAVA C Name and URL PHPAGI http://phpagi.sourceforge.

net/ Asterisk-perl Adhearsion http://adhearsion.

com/ Asterisk-JAVA CAGI cagi/ License LGPL The "Artistic License" LGPL Apache License, Version 2.

0 LGPL. [ 166 ]. 12 . Advanced user s could read about FastAGI, as a means of executing AGI-type script from an external source, over the network.. Asterisk Mana .NET Code 39 ger Interface (AMI). The Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) allows a remote network client to connect to a pre-defined TCP port on the Asterisk server, authenticate itself, and then gather statistics and/or initiate various operations on the Asterisk server. AMI allows for external programmatic logic to interact with an Asterisk server, without actually being part of the Asterisk server like in dial-plan AGI script. AMI is based upon three types of messages: events, actions, and responses.

Events and responses are automatically invoked by the AMI server, while actions are invoked from the client side, usually to be followed by a response. The general format of an AMI action is as follows:. Action: <a Code 3 of 9 for .NET ction type><CRLF> <Key 1>: <Value 1><CRLF> <Key 2>: <Value 2><CRLF> ..

. Variable: <Variable 1>=<Value 1><CRLF> Variable: <Variable 2>=<Value 2><CRLF> ..

. <CRLF>. Note that the Action: identification always precedes the rest of the action block. Available actions are as follows:. Action Absolu Code39 for .NET teTimeout ChangeMonitor Command Events ExtensionState GetVar Hangup IAXpeers ListCommands Logoff Description Sets Absolute Timeout Changes monitoring file of a channel Executes command Controls event flow Checks extension status Gets a channel variable Hangs up channel Lists IAX peers Lists available manager commands Logs off manager. [ 167 ].
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