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Edit Web Box Services generate, create barcode 39 none with .net projects bar code Here you can manage the lis 3 of 9 barcode for .NET t of services that can be used to populate the Web Box services in your community website. You learned earlier in this chapter about Web Box services when discussing the Community Administration Menu .

Edit Sections Edit Section Web Boxes Web Box Services menu. Rem 3 of 9 barcode for .NET ember that the CSK allows you to subscribe to two kinds of external data sources (web services exposed by other CSK websites or RSS sources), but can expose content only through web services.

By default, the Lunar .NET community has a single RSS source that gathers information from the official Star Wars page:. Creating and Administering Community Websites In Community Administrator Menu Edit Service Subscriptions , click Add New Service to add the Books section that you exposed earlier as a Web Box service:. After adding the service he ANSI/AIM Code 39 for .NET re, it will become available in the list of data sources for Web Boxes, which appears when editing a section at Community Administration Menu . Edit Sections Edit Section Web Boxes, or when adding a new section. The following screenshot shows a Web Box populated from our own service:. 3 . Send Newsletter Through this option, you ca visual .net Code39 n send a newsletter to all the users in your community that have chosen to receive newsletters by e-mail:. Creating and Administering Community Websites After clicking Create Newsl Visual Studio .NET 3 of 9 etter, you"re presented with the form that has the option to use e-mail templates, a very useful feature for the administrator. You also have the option to choose between HTML and plain-text newsletters; you can preview the newsletter and even send a test e-mail.

. You can use the following t ags in the e-mail body. They will be substituted automatically using real values:. Tag <Username> <Pa Code-39 for .NET ssword> <FirstName> <LastName> <FullName> <EditProfileLink> <HomeLink> <NewArticles> <NewBooks> <NewEvents> 66 Description The user"s registered username The user"s registered password The user"s first name The user"s last name The user"s full name including first and last name The link to the user"s Edit Profile page The link to the home page of the community A list of the newest articles posted to the community A list of the newest books posted to the community A list of the newest events posted to the community. 3 Tag <NewLinks> < ;NewDownloads> <NewPhotos> <NewDiscuss> Description A list of the newest links posted to the community A list of the newest downloads posted to the community A list of the newest photos posted to the community A list of the newest Discuss posts added to the community. After sending the newslette 3 of 9 for .NET r, it is shown on the main NEWSLETTERS page:. Edit Images This section displays the i Code 3 of 9 for .NET mages that are currently stored in the database as community images (such as the community logo image). Images that appear inside separate sections (such as the ones in Photo Gallery or Book sections) are stored separately in the database and do not show up here.

The Edit Images page looks like in the following picture:. You need to access this pag e if you want, for example, to remove the image that you added as a section logo at Community Administration Menu . Edit Sections Edit Section Appearance, because that menu and other similar menus don"t have the option to remove images. Creating and Administering Community Websites You"ll learn in 6 the deta .NET 39 barcode ils about how CSK stores some of the image files in the database (even though they are given names, like those of "real" files), and how to store image files directly in the Windows file system. Until then, here are a few useful details: Images that appear in the Books, Events, and Photo Gallery sections are stored in the Community_CommunityImages table of the CSK database (the default name for the database, which can be can be changed at setup, is CommunityStarterKit).

These images do not show up in the Edit Images page of the Community Administration Menu. The other images that you can upload to the website but don"t get displayed inside a particular section, such as the community logo, or images that appear in the topics bar are stored in the Community_SectionImages table. These are the images you can manage through the Community Administration Menu.

The classes that handle image-related operations are located in Engine/Framework/Images/Components. ImageUtility contains functions that manipulate database images, and ImageHandler is the class that resolves requests to image files by retrieving them from the database. If you add pages that reference "real" image files stored in the Windows file system, you need to store them in Communities\Common\Images or in another folder that has a Web.

Config file, which unhooks the image file requests from the special CSK image-file handler..
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