Themes, Skins, and the Common Controls in .NET Encoding barcode code39 in .NET Themes, Skins, and the Common Controls

Themes, Skins, and the Common Controls generate, create barcode code39 none for .net projects Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 Styles are standard Cascadi bar code 39 for .NET ng Style Sheets (CSS) files. Simply said, a CSS file contains a set of rules that define how different page elements such as headers, links or normal text look.

This book assumes you"re already familiar with CSS, but in case you aren"t, there are many tutorials on the Internet, such as the one at

Visual Studio .NET contains editors for both .ascx controls (skins) and .

css files (styles). In 3 you learned that you can easily change the theme of the community website using the Community Administration Menu and choosing the Skin and Style:. The CSK ships with the foll owing skins: Arc, Cruise, Default, Eco, Frida, Library, Professional, Robotico; and the following styles: Arc, Cruise, Default, Default Funky, Default Lunar, Eco, Frida, Library, Library Graduate, and Professional (you can preview each of them by clicking the respective link). You can build a new theme by choosing any combination of a skin and style. Apart from the existing skins and styles, for child sections you can choose the value Inherit, which means that the current section inherits the skin and style settings from its parent.

This option is, of course, not available for the home page, which has no parent. You will usually set the theme for the home page in your community, and let all the other sections inherit these values..

4 . Playing with Visual Studio It"s time you met the Visual Studio CSK project. You can find it at Start Programs ASP.NET Starter Kits ASP.NET Community Starter Kit (CSVS) . Community Starter Kit Sour Code 3 of 9 for .NET ce. Note that the first time you save the project, Visual Studio will ask you for a solution file name; then you can open the project using the solution file.

The Solution Explorer window in Visual Studio (View . Solution Explorer) will be your best friend in this chapter when browsing through the folder structure. The default themes are located under the Communities/Common/Themes folder. You"ll notice that every theme has its own folder.

The Default theme is, by far, the most complex of all. The other themes include only the elements that are different from the Default theme, and the missing elements are automatically taken from the Default theme. The following screenshot shows a part of the CSK directory structure in the Solution Explorer window:.

If the directory structure .NET 39 barcode of the CSK looks intimidating, don"t worry. As we analyze it you"ll see it"s not so complicated, after all.

Each theme folder has three subfolders: Images, Skins, and Styles. Themes saved in the Communities/Common/Themes folder are visible to all communities of the CSK installation. For a theme to be visible to a specific community alone, it should be saved in the relevant Communities/community_folder_name/Themes folder.

The Images folder contains image files used by the specified theme. Most image files shown in a community web page are retrieved from the database, including the community logo, the images that you can see in the Books, Events, Photo Gallery sections, and so on. Static images (that.

Themes, Skins, and the Common Controls cannot be dynamically added Code 39 Full ASCII for .NET into the website, and are not configurable from the Community Administration Menu) are usually located directly in the file system for better performance. These folders should be configured within additional Web.

Config files. Otherwise the CSK will try to retrieve them from the database and fail. We"ll learn more about this process in 6.

The Styles folder contains one or more CSS files for the theme. The Skins folder has four subfolders corresponding to the four skin types that form the complete skin. In the following pages we"ll first look at the styles, and then at how skins are composed.

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