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Graphs using .net topaint pdf 417 with web,windows application How to Use Visual Studio 2010 As you can add devic pdf417 for .NET es to Cacti using the CLI, it also provides an interface for adding graphs to a device..

Overview of Autom8 Autom8 allows you to visual .net PDF-417 2d barcode automate tree items and graph creations based on device and graph details. The automation can be defined as rules which are triggered when a new device or graph is created.

Let"s look at the different aspects of this automation.. Trees Autom8 doesn"t creat pdf417 2d barcode for .NET e trees itself, but can create tree items, such as headings, or add host items to an existing tree. This function lets you automatically organize newly created devices and graphs without manual interaction.

The Autom8 rules can also be applied to existing devices.. Graphs Graph rules automate .net vs 2010 PDF 417 the addition of graph templates to devices. They are applied whenever a device is added or when the index information (for example, for SNMP interfaces) is re-indexed.

Graph rules can be created based on any of the graph data query fields, such as the operating status of an interface (ifOperStatus).. [ 264 ]. 12 . Using the Cacti CLI Let"s look at how yo Visual Studio .NET pdf417 2d barcode u can use the Cacti CLI to manage user permissions and examine some of the basic administrative tasks..

Adding permissions When copying a user, visual .net pdf417 2d barcode the user permissions of the original user are copied to the new user. If you want to add further permissions to the new user, you can use a special script from the Cacti CLI.

. Time for action adding permissions to a user 1. 2. 3.

4.. Logon to your Cacti system. Change to the Cacti CLI directory:. cd /var/www/html/cacti/cli Execute the followin g command:. php add_perms.php You"ll see a short o verview of the available options for this command:. As you can see, this visual .net PDF417 tool requires the user-id so let"s get a list of all available users:. php add_perms.php --list-users [ 265 ]. Cacti Automation for NOC You"ll see displayed .net vs 2010 pdf417 2d barcode a list of all users together with their user IDs:. Now let"s assume you want to give access to a specific tree. The command for this is:. php add_perms.php -- Visual Studio .NET pdf417 2d barcode user-id=[ID] --item-type=tree --itemid=[TREEID].

You already have the ID for the user so let"s get the TREEID with the following command:. php add_perms.php --list-trees As with the users li st, you will see a list of the Cacti trees available together with their IDs:. 10. Now you are able to give access to a user. Let"s give access of the Customer A tree to user1:. php add_perms.php --user-id=7 --item-type=tree --item-id=2 [ 266 ]. 12 . 11. When executed, you will not get any confirmation back:. 12. You can check t PDF 417 for .NET he User Management page of that user for the result:.

What just happened You just added permi barcode pdf417 for .NET ssions to an existing user to allow the viewing of a specific Cacti tree. In combination with an access request system where users can request access or additional permissions to a system, this script can be used to automate the process for adding the requested permission to Cacti.

By using this script Cacti administrators are able to reduce their workload by automating the task of adding permissions to an existing user.. Adding a Cacti tree Although manually ad VS .NET PDF-417 2d barcode ding a Cacti tree does not involve a lot of work, managing the items underneath, however, does..

Time for action adding a Cacti tree 1. 2. 3.

. Logon to your Cacti system. Change to the Cacti CLI directory:. cd /var/www/html/cacti/cli Execute the followin g command:. php add_tree.php [ 267 ]. Cacti Automation for NOC You will see the dif ferent options for this command:. As you can see you c PDF-417 2d barcode for .NET an add trees, hosts, or even single graphs to a tree or sub-tree. Let"s add the localhost device to a tree.

Use the following command to retrieve a list of hosts:. php add_tree.php --list-hosts 6. 7..

Use the following co mmand to get a list of existing trees:. php add_tree.php --list-trees Now get a list of th e nodes from a tree:. php add_tree.php --tree-id=2 --list-nodes [ 268 ]. 12 . You will see a list of the existing nodes for that tree as shown in the following screenshot:. Now let"s add the lo .net vs 2010 PDF-417 2d barcode calhost device to Site A:. php add_tree.php --type=node --node-type=host --tree-id=2 -parent-node=9 --host-id=1 10. This will add the localhost device (--host-id=1) to the Site A node ( --parent-node=9) u nder the Customer A tree (--tree-id=2). following screenshot:. 11. You will see a confirmation once the item has been added as shown in the What just happened You just added a dev .net framework pdf417 2d barcode ice to a sub-tree within Cacti. This can be used to automatically add new devices to the correct sub-trees.

You will later see how this can be achieved easily using the Autom8 plugin..
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