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$ tail -5 months Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec using barcode generating for visual studio .net control to generate, create code 128c image in visual studio .net applications. iPhone You can mo code 128a for .NET nitor lines as they are added to the end of the growing file named logfile with the following command:. $ tail -f logfile Press the .NET Code128 interrupt key (usually CONTROL-C) to stop tail and display the shell prompt. Refer to the tail info page for more information.

. sort: Displays a File in Order The sort u Code 128 for .NET tility displays the contents of a file in order by lines but does not change the original file. For example, if a file named days contains the name of each day of.

156 5 The Linux Utilities $ cat days visual .net code 128 barcode Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday $ sort days Friday Monday Saturday Sunday Thursday Tuesday Wednesday. Figure 5-6. sort displays the lines of a file in order the week i n calendar order, each on a separate line, then sort displays the file in alphabetical order (Figure 5-6). The sort utility is useful for putting lists in order. The u option generates a sorted list in which each line is unique (no duplicates).

The n option puts a list of numbers in order. Refer to the sort info page for more information..

uniq: Removes Duplicate Lines from a File The uniq ( unique) utility displays a file, skipping adjacent duplicate lines, but does not change the original file. If a file contains a list of names and has two successive entries for the same person, uniq skips the extra line (Figure 5-7). If a file is sorted before it is processed by uniq, this utility ensures that no two lines in the file are the same.

(Of course, sort can do that all by itself with the u option.) Refer to the uniq info page for more information..

$ cat dups Cathy Fred Joe John Mary Mary Paula $ uniq dups Cathy Fred Joe John Mary Paula Figure 5-7. uniq removes duplicate lines Working with Files 157 $ diff -u .net framework barcode standards 128 colors.1 colors.

2 --- colors.1 Tue Nov 25 15:45:32 2008 +++ colors.2 Tue Nov 25 15:24:46 2008 @@ -1,6 +1,5 @@ red +blue green yellow -pink -purple orange.

Figure 5-8. diff displaying the unified output format diff: Compares Two Files The diff ( Code 128 for .NET difference) utility compares two files and displays a list of the differences between them. This utility does not change either file, so it is useful when you want to compare two versions of a letter or a report or two versions of the source code for a program.

The diff utility with the u (unified output format) option first displays two lines indicating which of the files you are comparing will be denoted by a plus sign (+) and which by a minus sign ( ). In Figure 5-8, a minus sign indicates the colors.1 file; a plus sign indicates the colors.

2 file. The diff u command breaks long, multiline text into hunks. Each hunk is preceded by a line starting and ending with two at signs (@@).

This hunk identifier indicates the starting line number and the number of lines from each file for this hunk. In Figure 5-8, the hunk covers the section of the colors.1 file (indicated by a minus sign) from the first line through the sixth line.

The +1,5 then indicates that the hunk covers colors.2 from the first line through the fifth line. Following these header lines, diff u displays each line of text with a leading minus sign, a leading plus sign, or nothing.

A leading minus sign indicates that the line occurs only in the file denoted by the minus sign. A leading plus sign indicates that the line comes from the file denoted by the plus sign. A line that begins with neither a plus sign nor a minus sign occurs in both files in the same location.

Refer to the diff info page for more information.. file: Tests the Contents of a File You can us barcode code 128 for .NET e the file utility to learn about the contents of any file on a Linux system without having to open and examine the file yourself. In the following example, file reports that letter_e.

bz2 contains data that was compressed by the bzip2 utility (page 162):.
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