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Variables use iphone code 128a integrated togenerate code 128c for objective-c GS1 DataBar Family You can set varia code 128b for Objective-C bles in .inputrc to control the behavior of the Readline Library using the following syntax: set variable value Table 8-11 lists some variables and values you can use. See Readline Variables in the bash man or info page for a complete list.

. 322 8 The Bourne Again Shell Table 8-11. Variable editing-mode Readline variables Effect Set to vi to star iPhone Code-128 t Readline in vi mode. Set to emacs to start Readline in emacs mode (the default). Similar to the set o vi and set o emacs shell commands (page 318).

Set to on to cause long lines to extend off the right edge of the display area. Moving the cursor to the right when it is at the right edge of the display area shifts the line to the left so you can see more of the line. You can shift the line back by moving the cursor back past the left edge.

The default value is off, which causes long lines to wrap onto multiple lines of the display. Set to off to cause Readline not to place a slash (/) at the end of directory names it completes. The default value is on.

Set to on to cause Readline to precede modified history lines with an asterisk. The default value is off..

horizontal-scroll-mode mark-directories mark-modified-lines Key Bindings You can specify b Code-128 for Objective-C indings that map keystroke sequences to Readline commands, allowing you to change or extend the default bindings. Like the emacs editor, the Readline Library includes many commands that are not bound to a keystroke sequence. To use an unbound command, you must map it using one of the following forms: keyname: command_name "keystroke_sequence": command_name In the first form, you spell out the name for a single key.

For example, CONTROL-U would be written as control-u. This form is useful for binding commands to single keys. In the second form, you specify a string that describes a sequence of keys that will be bound to the command.

You can use the emacs-style backslash escape sequences to represent the special keys CONTROL (\C), META (\M), and ESCAPE (\e). Specify a backslash by escaping it with another backslash: \\. Similarly, a double or single quotation mark can be escaped with a backslash: \" or \".

The kill-whole-line command, available in emacs mode only, deletes the current line. Put the following command in .inputrc to bind the kill-whole-line command (which is unbound by default) to the keystroke sequence CONTROL-R:.

control-r: kill-whole-line bind Give the command Code-128 for Objective-C bind P to display a list of all Readline commands. If a command is bound to a key sequence, that sequence is shown. Commands you can use in vi mode start with vi.

For example, vi-next-word and vi-prev-word move the cursor to the beginning of the next and previous words, respectively. Commands that do not begin with vi are generally available in emacs mode. Use bind q to determine which key sequence is bound to a command:.

History 323 $ bind -q kill-wh iPhone Code 128 Code Set B ole-line kill-whole-line can be invoked via "\C-r".. You can also bind text by enclosing it within double quotation marks (emacs mode only):. "QQ": "The Linux iPhone code 128b Operating System". This command causes bash to insert the string The Linux Operating System when you type QQ. Conditional Constructs You can condition ally select parts of the .inputrc file using the $if directive. The syntax of the conditional construct is $if test[=value] commands [$else commands] $endif where test is mode, term, or bash.

If test equals value (or if test is true when value is not specified), this structure executes the first set of commands. If test does not equal value (or if test is false when value is not specified), this construct executes the second set of commands if they are present or exits from the structure if they are not present. The power of the $if directive lies in the three types of tests it can perform.

1. You can test to see which mode is currently set..

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