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filename filename completion filename extension filename generation filesystem using .net toconnect european article number 13 with web,windows application QR Code Symbol Versions filling filter firewall Glossary 1149 firmware Software built int VS .NET ean13+2 o a computer, often in ROM (page 1169). May be used as part of the bootstrap (page 1138) procedure.

. focus, desktop On a desktop, the window that is active. The window with the desktop focus receives the characters you type on the keyboard. Same as active window (page 1134).

footer foreground process The part of a format that goes at the bottom (or foot) of a page. Contrast with header (page 1151). When you run a command in the foreground, the shell waits for the command to finish before giving you another prompt.

You must wait for a foreground process to run to completion before you can give the shell another command. If you have job control, you can move background processes to the foreground, and vice versa. See job control on page 1155.

Contrast with background process (page 1136). To create a process. When one process creates another process, it forks a process.

Also spawn. Fully qualified domain name. The full name of a system, consisting of its hostname and its domain name, including the top-level domain.

Technically the name that gethostbyname(2) returns for the host named by gethostname(2). For example, speedy is a hostname and speedy.example.

com is an FQDN. An FQDN is sufficient to determine a unique Internet address for a machine on the Internet.FOLDOC A data link layer packet that contains, in addition to data, the header and trailer information required by the physical medium.

Network layer packets are encapsulated to become frames.FOLDOC See also datagram (page 1144) and packet (page 1164). In a filesystem, the list of blocks that are available for use.

Information about the free list is kept in the superblock of the filesystem. Refer to Appendix D, The Free Software Definition. The portion of a hard disk that is not within a partition.

A new hard disk has no partitions and contains all free space. The ability to receive and transmit data simultaneously. A network switch (page 1162) is typically a full-duplex device.

Contrast with half-duplex (page 1150). See FQDN. See shell function on page 1171.

A generic term for a computer or a special device connected to more than one dissimilar type of network to pass data between them. Unlike a router, a gateway often must convert the information into a different format before passing it on. The historical usage of gateway to designate a router is deprecated.

. fork FQDN frame free list free software free space full duplex fully qualified domain name function gateway 1150 Glossary GCOS GECOS gibibyt e gigabyte glyph GMT graphical display graphical user interface group (of users). See GECOS. General .NET EAN-13 Supplement 5 Electric Comprehensive Operating System.

For historical reasons, the user information field in the /etc/passwd file is called the GECOS field. Also GCOS. Giga binary byte.

A unit of storage equal to 230 bytes = 1,073,741,824 bytes = 1024 mebibytes (page 1159). Abbreviated as GiB. Contrast with gigabyte.

A unit of storage equal to 109 bytes. Sometimes used in place of gibibyte. Abbreviated as GB.

See also large number on page 1156. A symbol that communicates a specific piece of information nonverbally. A smiley (page 1172) is a glyph.

Greenwich Mean Time. See UTC on page 1179. A bitmapped monitor that can display graphical images.

Contrast with ASCII terminal (page 1135). See GUI. A collection of users.

Groups are used as a basis for determining file access permissions. If you are not the owner of a file and you belong to the group the file is assigned to, you are subject to the group access permissions for the file. A user can simultaneously belong to several groups.

A way to identify similar windows so they can be displayed and acted on similarly. Typically windows started by a given application belong to the same group. A unique number that identifies a set of users.

It is stored in the password and group databases (/etc/passwd and /etc/group files or their NIS equivalents). The group database associates group IDs with group names. Also GID.

Graphical user interface. A GUI provides a way to interact with a computer system by choosing items from menus or manipulating pictures drawn on a display screen instead of by typing command lines. Under Linux, the X Window System provides a graphical display and mouse/keyboard input.

GNOME and KDE are two popular desktop managers that run under X. Contrast with character-based (page 1140). A person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systems and learning how to stretch their capabilities, as opposed to users, who prefer to learn only the minimum necessary.

One who programs enthusiastically (even obsessively) or who enjoys programming rather than just theorizing about programming.FOLDOC Contrast with cracker (page 1143). A half-duplex device can only receive or transmit at a given moment; it cannot do both.

A hub (page 1152) is typically a half-duplex device. Contrast with full duplex (page 1149)..

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