system administrator in .NET Build EAN13 in .NET system administrator

system administrator generate, create ean-13 supplement 2 none for .net projects USD-8 system console See conso GTIN-13 for .NET le on page 1142. system mode The designation for the state of the system while it is doing system work.

Some examples are making system calls, running NFS and autofs, processing network traffic, and performing kernel operations on behalf of the system. Contrast with user mode (page 1179). One of the two major versions of the UNIX system.

. tcsh. An enhanced but completely compatible version of the BSD UNIX C shell, csh. System V TC Shell TCP Transmission Control Pro tocol. The most common transport layer protocol used on the Internet. This connection-oriented protocol is built on top of IP (page 1154) and is nearly always seen in the combination TCP/IP (TCP over IP).

TCP adds reliable communication, sequencing, and flow control and provides full-duplex, process-to-process connections. UDP (page 1178), although connectionless, is the other protocol that runs on top of IP.FOLDOC In the binary system, the prefix tera- multiplies by 240 (1,099,511,627,776).

Terabyte is a common use of this prefix. Abbreviated as T. See also large number on page 1156.

Terminal capability. On older systems, the /etc/termcap file contained a list of various types of terminals and their characteristics. System V replaced the function of this file with the terminfo system.

Differentiated from a workstation (page 1181) by its lack of intelligence, a terminal connects to a computer that runs Linux. A workstation runs Linux on itself. Terminal information.

The /usr/lib/terminfo directory contains many subdirectories, each containing several files. Each of those files is named for and holds a summary of the functional characteristics of a particular terminal. Visually oriented textual programs, such as vim, use these files.

An alternative to the termcap file. A GUI widget (page 1180) that allows a user to enter text. Defined as an implicit or recurrent idea, theme is used in a GUI to describe a look that is consistent for all elements of a desktop.

Go to for examples.

A type of coaxial cable (thick) used for an Ethernet network. Devices are attached to thicknet by tapping the cable at fixed points. A type of coaxial cable (thin) used for an Ethernet network.

Thinnet cable is smaller in diameter and more flexible than thicknet cable. Each device is typically attached. tera-. termcap terminal terminfo text box theme thicknet thinnet Glossary 1177 to two separate cable se gments by using a T-shaped connector; one segment leads to the device ahead of it on the network and one to the device that follows it. thread-safe thumb See reentrant on page 1168. The movable button in the scrollbar (page 1171) that positions the image in the window.

The size of the thumb reflects the amount of information in the buffer. Also bubble. A mark, usually in a check box (page 1140), that indicates a positive response.

The mark can be a check mark ( ) or an x. Also check mark or check. Tagged Image File Format.

A file format used for still-image bitmaps, stored in tagged fields. Application programs can use the tags to accept or ignore fields, depending on their capabilities.FOLDOC An arrangement of windows such that no window overlaps another.

The opposite of cascading windows (page 1139). See TTL. To switch between one of two positions.

For example, the ftp glob command toggles the glob feature: Give the command once, and it turns the feature on or off; give the command again, and it sets the feature back to its original state. A basic, grammatically indivisible unit of a language, such as a keyword, operator, or identifier.FOLDOC A type of LAN (page 1156) in which computers are attached to a ring of cable.

A token packet circulates continuously around the ring. A computer can transmit information only when it holds the token. A minicontext help system that a user activates by allowing the mouse pointer to hover (page 1152) over an object (such as those on a panel).

A dialog or other window that is displayed for only a short time. See TCP on page 1176..

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