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Download at WoweBook.Com generate, create 2d data matrix barcode none for java projects International Standard Serial Numbers R A C T I C A L I R T U A L I Z A T I O N O L U T I O N S Part II Applying Virtualization CHAPTER 9: Server Virt ualization in Action CHAPTER 10: Desktop Virtualization in Action CHAPTER 11: Network and Storage Virtualization in Action. Download at WoweBook.Com This page intentionally left blank Download at WoweBook.Com CHAPTER Server Virtualization in Action This chapter enters th e mix of solving problems with virtual machines (VM) and services. We ve chosen solutions that are somewhat generic in nature and thus applicable to the widest range of situations. The software we will use to demonstrate those solutions are VMware Server and Microsoft Virtual PC.

In this and the two subsequent chapters, the software is ancillary to the solution and should not be viewed as an endorsement of a particular solution or company. In this case, VMware Server and Virtual PC were chosen because they are free and work well with a variety of guest operating systems. There is also a huge repository of VM templates, server appliances, and images available for both platforms.

This chapter illustrates how to create and configure dedicated virtualized servers; then it covers migrating physical machines to virtual ones. It also provides an overview of backup and recovery, server appliances, VM migration, tuning, and concludes with a look at VM security..

CONFIGURING DEDICATED SERVERS WITH VIRTUALIZATION This section is probab ly going to take the most time to absorb because it is such a shift from tradition. The next server you create and use will not be a physical one with a system board, drives that you plug in, or memory boards that snap into place. You won t need to worry about downloading drivers for that video card, network card, or controllers of any kind.

In fact, there might not be any hardware compatibility troubleshooting whatsoever. These days we hardly even bother with CD/DVD drives to install an OS. ISO images are much easier to deal with, and there is hardly a point in searching for a.

Download at WoweBook.Com Practical Virtualization Solutions disk that might be scr applet Data Matrix barcode atched in some vital area, making installation frustrating, if not impossible. A dedicated virtual server (system) is one that, like a physical server, is dedicated to a job or jobs for which it is designed. Configuring a virtual dedicated server is much the same as configuring a physical dedicated server.

After installation, the server needs security patches, software updates, and service pruning. Service pruning is halting or removing unneeded services from your system. Service pruning is necessary to reduce the number of potential vulnerabilities that exist with some network services.

You should install and run only the services you need for your dedicated server to perform its designated function. In this first dedicated server example, a Debian system is installed to function as a mail server. Debian was chosen because it installs quickly without a lot of superfluous services and software.

We used an ISO image to install from and boot the VM.. Preparing the Virtual Machine To do this in VMware S data matrix barcodes for Java erver, create a new VM and, when it is complete, browse to your ISO image under Edit Virtual Machine Settings from the main VMware Server screen, and change as shown in Figure 9-1.. FIGURE 9-1 Selecting the ISO image from which to boot in VMware. Or, if you re using Vi DataMatrix for Java rtual PC, you need to start the new VM, then choose CD, Capture ISO Image before the VM boots. See Figure 9-2..

Download at WoweBook.Com Server Virtualization in Action FIGURE 9-2. Capturing the ISO image in Virtual PC. If your VM doesn t boo t to the ISO image in VMware, you will need to set the VM to boot to the CD/DVD drive using VMware s Boot Menu. To get to the Boot Menu, press ESC when the VM begins to boot, as shown in Figure 9-3, and then select CD-ROM Drive..

FIGURE 9-3. Press ESC for Boot Menu. Download at WoweBook.Com Practical Virtualization Solutions NOTE The booting VM must ha ve focus before you re able to press ESC and select from the Boot Menu. You give the VM focus by clicking the VM with your mouse..

The VM will now boot f barcode data matrix for Java rom the ISO image. Follow this same procedure to boot from the CD/DVD drive if you have a physical CD or DVD disk from which to boot. After the new VM boots to the CD image, install the operating system as you would for a physical system.

In the case of a Linux installation, you may find that on first boot the X Window system (graphical interface) starts incorrectly or fails to start altogether. This is because the video setup is incorrect or not supported. VMware and Virtual PC have additional software available to assist you in setting up your system for unsupported hardware.

VMware includes VMware Tools and Virtual PC provides Virtual Machine Additions. To install Virtual PC s Virtual Machine Additions, select Action, Install or Update Virtual Machine Additions, Continue. The installation should start automatically.

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