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From the Library of Wow! eBook using barcode maker for .net control to generate, create datamatrix 2d barcode image in .net applications. Modified Plessey Discussion Questions develop plans for preventive maintenance and for the replenishment of consumable materials, as well as for the availability of replacement parts or components. They are performed with preproduction units with their con guration frozen. Reliability growth tests have the objective of not only nding problems under usage conditions but also demonstrating the bene ts of the corrective actions that are implemented.

The con guration of the units evolves during the testing with design upgrades. Robustness development experiments are aimed at forcing variations to occur deliberately. Their objective is to identify controllable parameters and to optimize their set points to reduce the variations in performance and any shifting of its mean.

Sequential quali cation tests9 are designed to determine whether or not reliability has met its acceptance criteria. The system is run under conditions simulating customers use, as represented, for example, by environments, duty cycles, applications, run lengths, or rough handling. If the system runs without too many failures, the system is judged to be acceptable and the test can be terminated early.

Otherwise the tests continue until more conclusive data determine the acceptability of the design or judge that the design is not reliable enough.. Key Points 1. Reliable products start w ith good design practices that yield robust and durable products. 2.

Tests must be designed to identify the errors and weaknesses in product designs, expected in any process managed by people. 3. Reliability growth testing of product systems must be preceded by subsystem development and system integration, with control parameters optimized at the system level.

4. HALT is aimed at identifying weaknesses in the product where the application of high stress can cause failure. It is an economic decision whether the strength of the product should be increased.

5. The purpose of HASS is to prevent defective products, having very low strength, from escaping into the market and causing failures in the hands of customers. 6.

Developing reliable products and growing reliability requires problem-solving processes, tools, and skills. 7. Ef cient development of products requires a good process for capturing and tracking problems and their resolution.

. Discussion Questions 1. Why is testing a necessar y tool in developing reliable products 2. Do you think your organization is too reliant on testing or not reliant enough 3.

During a product development project, when is it time to start reliability growth testing 4. What can happen if full system testing starts too early 5. Have you ever had experience with unproductive system testing If so, what was the reason .

9. A good source for guidanc .net framework Data Matrix 2d barcode e on xed-length and sequential testing for reliability development is Reliability Test Methods, Plans and Environments for Engineering, Development, Quali cation, and Production, MIL-HDBK-781A (Washington, DC: Department of Defense, 1996).

. From the Library of Wow! eBook 8 . Reliability Growth and Testing 6. At times, management can datamatrix 2d barcode for .NET be reluctant to act on opportunities to correct problems that are observed in HALT testing.

They can question the need to x problems caused by stress levels much higher than the stresses of normal operation. What facts and experience can be used to make a convincing argument in favor of stressful testing and related corrective actions Have you ever had that discussion within your organization 7. Is the decision whether or not to x a problem observed during HALT testing a business decision or a technical decision What factors should be considered when making the decision 8.

What must be done to establish stress limits for HASS testing 9. If HASS testing identi es many weak products produced by the manufacturing process, what are some conclusions that you can draw 10. Is HASS used within your organization If so, how successfully 11.

What statistical tool can be used in production to minimize failures in HASS testing 12. How will having good SOPs in manufacturing reduce HASS failures 13. What are some of the bene ts to having a well-designed FRACAS process 14.

How are problems and corrective actions managed in your organization .
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