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Part 2 generate, create none none with none projects QR Code Symbol Versions There s Plenty More Microsoft Chat and MSN Like MSN itse none for none lf, Microsoft s chat options have gone through some major changes to become Web based. The bonus of this approach is that you don t have to be an MSN member to join in: just visit http://chat.msn.

com to pick from dozens of chat rooms, and sign in as a guest. The first time you use MSN Chat you ll have to wait a minute or two while the chat software is installed on your computer, as with other Web-based chat rooms mentioned later in the chapter. MSN s chat rooms are Web based and available to all.

. MSN Chat isn t quite as flexible as AOL or CompuServe, but you ll find most of the features you need there somewhere. You can direct a private message to someone in the room by double-clicking their name (known as whisper mode), or click the little person icon to view a user s profile..

his Out kT Che c Microsoft Chat If you have W indows 98, you may find that Microsoft Chat is installed on your computer and accessible through a Start menu option (Start, Programs, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Chat). However, this program no longer functions, having been superseded by a chat program that is installed from the Web site into your Web browser..

12 . Online Chat Rooms And Instant Messaging Commands To Look For Although the details for using each chat system differ, a number of features are similar in most systems. For example, these features are generally similar (even though the names may vary): Who or People Here shows a list of people currently participating in the chat session. Invite enables you to invite a participant in the current chat to a private chat room.

(On AOL, you send the person an Instant Message.) Ignore or Squelch enables you to tell the program to stop displaying messages from a particular user. This command is very useful for shutting up obnoxious chat-room members.

(You ll find a lot of them!) It s also a good tool for tuning out conversations you don t want to hear. Profile allows you to view information about a particular participant, including whatever information that person decided to make public. Some systems allow more information than others, but the information might include a person s email address, interests, real name, and even phone number and address in some systems (although most participants choose not to include this information).

Change Profile or Handle gives you access to the place where you ll change your own information. Some systems let you change your profile from within the Chat program, but on others you may have to select a menu option or command elsewhere. Record or Log or Capture usually lets you record a session.

(Of course, in most cases you ll want to forget the drivel oh, there I go again!) Preferences enables you to set up how the system works: whether to tell you when people enter or leave the room, for example. Kick or Ban are available on some systems if you set up the chat room yourself. Kick allows you to remove someone from the chat room; Ban stops the person from getting back in.

No matter which chat system you use, read the documentation carefully so you can figure out exactly how to get the most out of it.. Part 2 There s Plenty More Pick Your Avatar The latest th ing in chat is the use of graphical systems in which you select an avatar, an image that represents you in the chat session. The figure on the following page shows a room with several avatars, each representing a real-life person, in Club Chat. Selecting an avatar is a simple matter of clicking a button in the top-left portion of the window, and then choosing from a drop-down list box.

Then you can type a message in the text box at the bottom and click the Send button. You can also choose from a small selection of sounds ( Aaaah , Joy , Doh , and other such intellectual utterings). So far I ve heard mixed reactions to these graphical chat systems.

Some people say they are awful; some say they re nothing special; some say it s just stuff to get in the way of the chat. Others really like them. Experiment and decide for yourself.

Interestingly, MSN used to have avatar chat, in the form of a program called Comic Chat, but the new version of the software does not have this feature. Maybe it will return in a later version, but I suspect that avatars are more of a gimmick than a really necessary feature. Playing with avatars in SiteSticky.

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