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Have A Wander Down The High Street generate, create code 128 none with .net projects USS 93 Away from the organize Code 128 Code Set B for .NET d aisles of supermarkets and shopping centres, the Internet has thousands of individual shops gamely vying for your attention. So let s grab a carrier-bag and venture out into the fresh air of the global village to see what s about.

How about a new car CarSource (at

uk) offers a free service to private buyers and will happily give you a quote on the model you want. Or, if you re in the market for a used motor, search the database of over 75,000 previously owned vehicles. If you can t find what you want, submit your details to CarSource and it ll try to track it down for you.

Alternatively, nip into What Car Online (http://www.whatcar. co.

uk) where you can buy or sell a car, get a valuation, and organize insurance.. his Out kT Che c Shopping All Over The World If you can t get what Code128 for .NET you want from the sites in this chapter, the trusty Yahoo! has a mammoth page of UK shopping sites at, or worldwide sites at

com.. Perhaps you need a loa n to buy your dream machine. If so, Abbey National (http:// www.abbeynational. should give you the information you need and you can use its handy loan calculator to work out what it s going to cost. Finally you ll need car insurance, and EasyCover might be able to help you out: visit http://www., fill in the details, and EasyCover will submit them to ten major (and not-so-major) insurance companies on your behalf.

While you re there you can get quotes for home and travel insurance too. One of the popular insurance companies that doesn t appear on EasyCover s list is Direct Line at http://www.directline. Next, a brief stop at Wine Cellar.

You can find this wonderful, friendly site at

uk, browse through tempting categories such as Wine, Champagne and Spirits, and top up with soft drinks and cigars. Not content with simply selling, Wine Cellar offers some nice extras. Click the Magazine icon, for example, and you ll find a range of interesting recipes with suggested accompanying wines.

. Part 3 Getting Things Done The Wine Cellar so good you can almost smell the feet. After a nice meal and a crate of Beaujolais, you d probably want to settle down with a good book. Visit Waterstones at http://www.waterstones. or The Internet Bookshop at http://www.bookshop. and search by title, author, or ISBN. Better still, go to BookBrain at http://www. BookBrain doesn t sell books itself, it searches over a dozen other bookstores to find the best price on the book you want.

On a slightly different tack, try Online Originals (, a site which publishes original works in email and e-book (electronic book) form only.

Read synopses and samples on the Web site and if you find something you like, you can pay around 6 to have the complete text sent to you by email.. his Out kT Classic Literature Online If your reading tastes .net framework Code 128C include authors like Somerset Maugham, Daniel Defoe, Oscar Wilde, and Arthur Conan Doyle, visit Project Gutenberg at

net/pg, which publishes outof-copyright works in electronic format.. Che c After all this spendin .net vs 2010 code 128 barcode g, it s probably about time to check your bank balance and settle your credit card bill. No, don t get up you can do that online too! Many of the UK s biggest banks, including Barclays (http://www., Lloyds TSB (http://www. and NatWest (http://www.natwest., offer their account-holders online banking, allowing you to transfer funds, pay bills,. 22 . Stay At Home And Go Cyber-Shopping and check balances at any hour of the day or night. There are also a couple of banks specifically aimed at Internet users: Cahoot at http://www.cahoot.

com and egg at

If you re a Barclaycard holder, register at http://www.

uk and settle your account online using your bank debit card..
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