Layers & JavaScript in Java Integration PDF417 in Java Layers & JavaScript

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91) The Layer Object clip.width Property The Layer Object clip.height Property The Layer Object bgColor Property The Layer Object background Property The Layer Object src Property The moveBy(dx, dy) Method The moveTo(x, y) Method The moveToAbsolute(x, y) Method The resizeBy(dwidth, dheight) Method The resizeTo(width, height) Method The moveAbove(layerName) Method The moveBelow(layerName) Method The load("sourceURL", newPixelWidth) Method The JavaScript write() Method Using the write() & close() Methods Using the moveAbove() Method Show & Hide Layers & writing Layer content The new Operator for creating new Layers in real-time Dynamically create new Layers with tags Property Style Localized JavaScript <SCRIPT>s within a Layer Animating a Clipping Rectangle to reveal an Image The JavaScript setTimeout() Method The JavaScript clearTimeout() Method Animating Clipping Rectangles and popping Images Some JavaScript Tips Animating control Layers and Images offscreen and onscreen The JavaScript setInterval() Method The JavaScript clearInterval() Method Three examples to cycle through Background Colors repeatedly A Tic Tac Toe game example The JavaScript Date Object Creating Date Objects with the four Date Constructors Creating a Time Counter and Displaying the Current Time Creating a Time Counter and Displaying the Current Time in a Frameset The JavaScript Conditional Operator : The JavaScript Math Object Math Object Property Summaries Math Object Method Summaries Randomly load different Background Images into a Layer Using Math Methods in a quasi-calculator Math Methods of Math.

max(x,y), Math.min(x,y) and Math.pow(x,y) The JavaScript toString() Method The JavaScript parseFloat() Function The JavaScript parseInt() Function The JavaScript isNaN() Function The JavaScript charAt() Method The JavaScript split() Method The JavaScript slice() Method The length Property of String Object A really cool color conversion calculator A compilation example with border animation and music.

213 214 214 215 215. Methods of the Layer Object 217 217 218 218 219 220 221 221. Using JavaScript with Layers 230 230 232 236 240 241 246 250 250 250 251 264 264 284 284 285 296 307 308 308 310 316 321 322 322 323 325 334 336 337 337 338 338 338 339 339 340 351. Part I D y n a m i c H T M L Introducing JavaScript Layers Overview This chapter is primarily f ocused on Layers created with JavaScript Syntax and using JavaScript with Layer Objects. It starts by defining the new JavaScript Properties of the document Object that you need to know in order to implement Styles with JavaScript Syntax. The Properties used for JavaScript Syntax Styles are only covered in two charts on pages 194-195 because the information has already been covered in 1 on CSS.

The main difference that you have to be aware of is that the Property Names are different. Then the Layer Object Properties and Methods are covered. Next, some additional JavaScript Methods are described and used in examples with a lot of emphasis on the setTimeout() Method of the window Object to animate Layers.

JavaScript can be used to dynamically modify both the Style of an HTML Element and LAYERs that are created using any of the possible ways of defining a Layer. It doesn"t matter whether you define a Layer with the LAYER Element, CLASS of STYLE, the Style Attribute or any of the others, as long as it is a Positioned block of content. The Properties and Methods of the Layer Object provide a powerful set of tools for creative manipulation of your Layers.

Used in conjunction with other JavaScript Properties and Methods, you now have an unprecedented level of control for displaying and dynamically altering the content in your page..
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